Items You Need In Your Life But Never Thought Of

This year changed near the end of the school year and just months before summer started! Kids have been stuck at home, learning from home, parents have had to adjust their schedules, and businesses were forced to adapt or close. I do my best to stay positive and not dwell on everything happening. We gathered items you need in your life but never thought of! 

Items You Need In Your Life But Never Thought Of
Beauty Brite Disclosure

Times are tough. I was getting anxious. I bought a rowing machine and it’s helping to change things up. I used to go for walks throughout the day but with my son learning from home, I feel like I’m stuck at home almost all day! By the time our day is over, I feel so exhausted and end up not going for a walk! 

It’s time to get a little creative! 

Add drama

Let’s have a little fun! I am a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan! I still remember watching the first episode when it premiered because it had such a funny and unique way of starting a show! 

Greys Anatomy Pick Me Choose Me Drink Me Mug

When I saw the Grey’s Anatomy “Pick Me, Choose Me, Drink Me” Mug, I was immediately drawn to it. I saw an interview with Ellen Pompeo where she said she would never be “that girl” who begged a guy! 

As any Grey’s Anatomy fan knows, that is a very iconic scene. She begs the man she loves to choose her, that is huge, considering Derek was separated from his wife who was trying to win him back. Could you beg the man you love to choose you, love you? I would do almost anything for love!

Add positivity

As a coffee lover, I have a nice collection of mugs! It’s crazy! I love my Keurig! I am so thankful I have a coffee maker to brew my own coffee at home! I actually use an insulated coffee mug to keep my coffee hot as I enjoy it. Hopefully, one of these days, I can have a coffee warmer on my desk! 

Do All Things With Love Mug and Todays Forecast - Mostly Magical Mug

I am so excited to add positivity to my morning cup of coffee with the “Do All Things With Love” Mug and “Today’s Forecast – Mostly Magical” Mug!

When I saw both of those mugs, I knew I couldn’t resist! Both mugs are great reminders to keep love in your heart and your actions as well as a reminder that miracles do happen! It’s also okay to believe in magic! 

Add fuel

I love my coffee! Along with my new mugs, I am so excited to try fun blends from The Chicks Company. I received The Holiday Buzz Blend and The Surfer Chick Blend

The Holiday Buzz Blend

Just in time for the holidays, I am excited to add The Holiday Buzz Blend to my morning! I would love to get a new Christmas tree but as it is, I’ll probably pass on setting one up. I was given a small tree last year but it’s in the back of my garage. The Holiday Buzz Blend is such a delicious blend! Perfect for the holidays! Get your buzz on for the holidays! 

The Surfer Chick Blend

I am so excited to be back in California. As part of my California girl side, I had to try The Surfer Chick Blend, and no, I don’t know how to surf! 

I love California life! The Surfer Chick Blend is such a fun coffee blend! 

Add safety 

When I first saw the TROVA Go, I wasn’t quite sure what it did. I thought it kept the items such as recreational items safe and secure. 


TROVA Go is so much more! It is made to look discreet, so you can easily carry it with you in your handbag or gym bag. You can store your jewelry, money, keys, and more in your case! You can safely secure it via bluetooth. 

When my son does return to school and I can run errands and such, I can’t wait to use the TROVA Go to store my essentials! 

Add humor with a twist

When I saw the Multi-use Face Shields from SA Company, I knew I wanted my son and I to have them! They are fun, unique, and a bit humorous with a twist! Looking back, I do regret not getting the fleece face shields too! I really think those would come in handy when we go for walks around the park! 

Camo Skull face shield

I chose the Camo Skull, Pink Skull, Mr. Jokester, and Temptress face shields! I just love them! I’ve seen an employee at the grocery store with a similar face shield. His design had a huge “joker-like” smile and it just makes me laugh whenever I see it. I even made eye contact with him and pointed, letting him know from afar that I liked his face shield! 

Pink Skull face shield

Overall, I am so proud and amazed my son was able to adapt to wearing a mask when leaving the house. I was worried he would not comply! 

Temptress face shield

When it came time for him to try on the Camo Skull, he had no issues with it! 

Mr Jokester face shield

In fact, I think he looks adorable! I can’t wait to see him in the Mr. Jokester

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