Is CBD Skin Care Right For You?

CBD in skin care is booming! With so many incredible claims & benefits that CBD can offer to your beauty routine, it’s no wonder people are singing it’s praise!

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What can CBD do for your skin?

CBD has only just begun to change the health and wellness industry and we couldn’t be more excited for its healing potential. As more and more research becomes readily available, people have been giving CBD glowing recommendations for inflammatory related pain, mental wellness and even beauty.

CBD is non-psychoactive and it harmoniously connects with our endocannabinoid system to help achieve greater self balance and optimal functionality. In beauty, CBD oil is highly absorbent and provides nourishment to our skin for a healthy, beautiful glow.

CBD is high in antioxidants & anti inflammatory properties, so it acts as a great remedy if you have skin concerns. This can be ideal for anyone who has eczema, psoriasis, or even acne.

A healthier glow, even skin tone AND fewer breakouts?! What’s not to love about CBD in your beauty routine!

CBD Skin Goodies

The Flora Details

  • Vegan
  • Gluten & Dairy Free
  • Natural & Organic
  • Non GMO
  • Farmed in the U.S.A
  • No harsh pesticides, chemicals or metals.

Flora is a highly effective CBD beauty line created by a pharmacist. All the pharmaceutical grade ingredients were carefully thought of in order to give you wonderful results.

Flora CBD Even Tone Brightening Cream is a beautiful light cream that spreads and absorbs quickly into your skin. It helps reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation from environmental damage, leaving your skin looking brighter, smoother and full of youth. It is great to use around the eyes, face, neck; anywhere that needs attention.

Flora‘s Brightening Cream contains organic ingredients that help stop your skins excess melanin production. This helps reduce the appearance of dark spots on your skin. There are no added fragrances or dyes, so it’s perfect if you have a scent sensitivity. The CBD Even Tone Brightening Cream left my skin beautifully soft with a healthy glow with just 2 applications a day with just a pea sized amount.

Flora’s Pure Plump Lip Enhancer has a very unique formula that not only moisturizes, but has a minty tingling sensation that gives yours lips a gorgeous plump look. Flora’s lip enhancer has a really nice slip to it and it’s not sticky or waxy. I love how my lips look fuller and the appearance of fine lines on my lips have been reduced. The peptide formula is pharmaceutical grade and it promotes collagen and even has hyaluronic acid to increase the hydration in your lips. Your lips will be left fuller and softer, a goal any person would love to achieve.

If you’re looking for an all natural way to sleep, why not add Flora’s OHM Better Sleep Oral Spray. This compact spray bottle helps you relax your mind and body while supporting a healthy sleep cycle. We all know a good night’s rest is key for healthy, glowy skin since our body repairs collagen while we sleep. All you need is 2-4 sprays of OHM Better Sleep Oral Spray under your tongue for best absorption then swallow. It has a fruity taste and is great for travel since it can fit just about anywhere!

CBD Oral Spray

Key Ingredients

  • Pure CBD
  • Melatonin
  • GABA
  • Valerian Root

Fabulous CBD Beauty Oil

I am such a huge fan of beauty oils, especially those that contain CBD. The benefits of a high quality beauty oil are simply amazing. Eossi Facial Glow Oil is a beautiful oil that has a Moroccan argan oil base. Argan oil makes a great base since it is not too heavy or too light, so it is perfect for all skin types. Argan oil contains essential fatty acids and linoleic acids that along with the CBD, can hydrate and reduces acne breakouts.

Eossi Facial Glow Oil contains ingredients such as vitamin E, rosehip oil and of course full spectrum CBD. Your skin is left feeling incredibly hydrated, soft, juicy and plump. The perfect recipe for younger looking skin!

Eossi Facial Glow Oil has a very light fragrance that will not irritate your sense of smell. You are able to get the hints of the rosehip and jasmine that are just delightful, but nowhere near overwhelming. I love that Eossi Facial Glow Oil does not leave an oily residue behind and that it absorbs quickly into your skin leaving behind a healthy, youthful glow. In just one week I noticed a change in texture and hydration which is an absolute win for me!

Each dropper in the Eossi Facial Glow Oil contains approximately 20 mg of CBD. The glass tip applicator makes it easy to apply a few drops to the target areas on your face & neck to then gently massage in. The beautiful amber glass bottle protects all the ingredients to keep them from breaking down helping keep the natural ingredients at their peak performance.

Do you think CBD skin care is right for you? Let us know!

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