How to Protect Yourself From Summer Bugs

One of my least favorite things about summer are the summer bugs. Usually, I avoid them like the plague. Unfortunately, I decided to move, during the summer, to a new apartment, which requires me to take Coda for walks outside. As much as I love being outdoors, I hate getting attacked by the myriad of bugs the warmer months bring. Thankfully, I was sent Stay Away Mosquitos, from Earth Kind, to keep those nasty bugs at bay.

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Goodbye Summer Bugs

Before you think, “great, another stinky bug spray,†think again. Not only does Stay Away Mosquitos protect you from summer bugs, but it also water-resistant, non-flammable and unscented. So, it won’t stink up your house, or for that matter, your clothing and your family.

Most importantly, it provides 14-hour protection from mosquitos and ticks and acts as an 8-hour biting fly, gnat and chigger repellant. It’s safe for the whole family, including pregnant women.

This means it may provide added protection from Zika, West Nile, Dengue and Chikungunya, which makes it great for summer travel. Speaking of travel, the Stay Away Mosquitos just happens to come in two sizes, including a handy travel size you can keep with you wherever your summer adventures might lead.

I’ve been spraying this plant-based insect repellant on my skin every night when I take Coda out for his walk. It really has helped keep whatever weird bugs are lurking in the dog walk area of my building. I also plan to use it when we take our next walk along the BeltLine. I don’t need to get bitten by any of those creepy summer bugs that might be lurking in the Georgia wilderness.

Plant-Based Protection

Besides being safe for everyone, that Earth Kind’s products are plant-based. Stay Away Mosquitos uses Picaridin, which is a compound that has the same molecular structure as one found in black pepper plants. In other words, you’re not putting a bunch of chemicals on your body or poisoning those yucky bugs.

Personally, I like knowing what I’m using on my skin is both effective and not toxic to the environment. As much as I hate summer bugs, I also know they are a necessary part of summer. And, in some cases, they’re also a necessary part of the ecosystem.

Don’t get me wrong, I will still kill them with a shoe or fly-swatter if they come into my home, but outside, I’m in their domain. If we can peacefully coexist, thanks to Stay Away Mosquitos, then it’s all good. Now, if I can just get Coda to do his business on the grass, instead of the cross-walk or sidewalk, our outdoor jaunts would go much smoother.

Before you head outside this summer, don’t forget to make Earth Kind’s Stay Away Mosquitos part of you and your family’s routine. It will help keep those pesky summer bugs far away.

Do you use bug spray on a regular basis? How do you keep summer bugs at bay?

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  1. We have had a lot of rain here so the bugs are bad at night. I try not to go outside when it is dark but if I do I will use a natural bug spray

  2. We hate bugs! I am always searching for products to keep them away, especially at night. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Rosey says

    I’m always happy to hear how to get rid of bugs. I hate them, and as much as I love summer… It brings them out for sure.

  4. alexandra cook says

    I love this topic, always gives me a little bit of sense what I need to do and be prepared for. Thanks!

  5. Amanda M says

    This is so useful. I am so allergic to any type of bug bite I’m always looking ways to help keep them away! Great post. ?

  6. Hannah Marie says

    Oh we need this for sure! I like that it’s plant based. It’s not harmful for us and our pets.

  7. A mosquito repellent is very important to us specially with 2 little kids.We are constantly afraid that they will get Dengue from mosquito. A mosquito repellent that is safe and non toxic would be very good for the kids.

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