Hair Washing 101: Let’s Break It Down!

When it comes to hair, there is so much to learn. I have gone through phases of damaging & mistreating my hair, to now having alopecia areata. I have learned a few things over the years to say the least. What has helped me along the way was to ALWAYS ask questions and of course research. Here are a few tips I would love to share about my hair care journey.

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Hair Washing Basics

For years, I was always washing my hair with hot water, practically scalding hot! My hairdresser questioned what I was doing to strip my hair so bad. When I told her I take very hot showers, she immediately told me that was my first mistake –*oh boy*–. So needless to say, I was schooled on my first hair care lesson. I took her advice and began washing my hair with WARM water to start treating my hair better. Warm water helps open up your hair cuticles allowing for a deep clean. This sound advice made so much sense and made a huge difference in the long run.

The second important tip I learned was JUST recently, and it concerns ‘scrubbing’. I LOVE scrubbing my hair, it feels so good! I would go in with my nails, deeply scratching. When I was told it was a big no-no, I honestly was let down. A gentle massage to your scalp in a side to side motion is all you need (never go circular!!!). Getting too rough can cause tangling, matting and hair breakage. Since I already was loosing my hair, I was not about to endure loosing more, so I eased up on the aggressiveness. This played a huge roll in reducing the amount of hair fallout, so a huge win!

When it comes to the amount of product needed, I always ignored the recommendations on the bottles. Seriously, is a dime or quarter sized amount of shampoo REALLY going to wash all this hair?? The answer is YES, and I could kick myself for wasting so much product over the years. Why? Get this, you are supposed to be focusing on your SCALP!!

Your scalp is producing the oils that that is carried down to your roots. So after you gently massage your scalp in a side-to-side motion, the shampoo run off will cleanse your hair as you rinse, so no need to scrub your ends like a mad person causing unwanted damage to your hair cuticles.

The last two hair tips I learned were from my aunts. My aunts have gorgeous thick black hair (and these women are well into their 80’s!!) Their secret to success, they don’t wash their hair every day! Skipping a day or two is highly beneficial to you hair. Less stripping & pulling allows your natural oils to form and optimal hair growth.

The final tip is the dreaded hair turbin! Wrapping your hair in a turbin can cause hair breakage leading to a receding hair line–eek!— I like to use a terry cloth towel and gently squeeze my hair in a scrunching motion to drain the excess water.

The Right Hair Product

The right hair product is crucial for your hair health. Doing a bit of research and making sure not to skimp on beneficial ingredients can make a huge difference in your hair care game.

Ampoule Intense Shampoo by Natural Formula is ideal for severely dry, damaged and even colored treated hair. Ampoules in general are wildly popular in Korean beauty. Ampoule is a supercharged serum that has a very high concentration of active ingredients. In this case, hippophae, borage and tea tree oils which help restore, revitalize, rebuild and nourish your hair.

Ampoule Intense Shampoo by Natural Formula has a light pink color (similar to the color of the cap on the bottle) and has a beautiful light floral scent that I really enjoyed. I used a quarter sized amount to massage my scalp and it lathered up beautifully (Lather is a great visual cue that you are washing your hair correctly). It left my hair clean, soft and shinny. There was no residue left behind and it did not weigh my hair down at all! With an affordable price point of only $12.99, it can rival any high end shampoo with its results.

The Ampoule Intense Conditioner is the ideal companion to the Ampoule Intense Shampoo. It conditioned my hair thoroughly leaving it feeling extremely soft and not heavy. I love that it acted as a detangler to my curly hair and overall my hair felt stronger.

I would leave in Ampoule Intense Conditioner for a duration of 5-10 minutes for deep conditioning to help with hair breakage and dry scalp. After two weeks of use, my scalp and hair looks healthy, shiny and has been easier to manage. I love the convenience of purchasing both Natural Formula’s Ampoule Intense shampoo and conditioner on Amazon through their ‘subscribe and save‘ option so you will never run out!

What were some of your favorite hair care tips? Let us know!

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