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I’ve always had terrible skin. As a teenager, I suffered from painful acne and oily skin. As an adult, I cannot say that much has changed. Throughout the years, I have learned that certain products make my hormonal acne worse and I searched for skincare items that I could trust. I mainly fell upon washes and spot treatments that were made by individuals running Etsy shops that produced great products that featured essential oils. The only downside was that I was missing that prescription grade treatment, while maintaining Vegan, to really knock out my breakouts.

Meet the Wonderful, Vegan and Non-GMO brand that has changed my skin for the better!

Nutra Health has an immense line of great Vegan products to help with all skin ailments. I have been fortunate enough to try a handful of products and I want to shout my love for this company from the rooftops.

xzema cream

First, I want to introduce you all to my most favorite product; the X-Zema cream. This stuff is like a miracle in a jar. This product is aimed to treat bothersome eczema and rosacea. I have been rubbing this cream onto my arms where I have Keratosis Pilaris. The rough and bumpy skin that leaves me embarrassed has started to fade and I am becoming more comfortable wearing short sleeve shirts. I have also applied the cream to my face as a night time moisturizer and I wake up with little to no redness!

Nutra also has a great option for women who suffer from pre-menstrual symptoms. I currently have an IUD in place and while I don’t have a period, I still have those terrible side effects that come with menses. I like to use this awesome Progesterone Cream when I feel those symptoms coming on. I have found that rubbing the cream directly above my pubic bone/lower stomach allows the progesterone to target the source of the issue. This cream can also help treat anxiety which is wonderful for me as I also suffer from anxiety and depression. This Vegan alternative is slowly replacing my prescription medication.

acne cream

My second favorite must be the acne cream. This little pump bottle has a great product that has helped to reduce the number and frequency of my cystic acne. I use this product both in the morning and at night as it leaves no greasy feeling behind and is perfect to use under makeup.

To help continue with reducing that horrible, cystic acne with Vegan products I find around my mouth and chin; I have been using Nutra’s Ancient Glacier Mask. Just leave it on your face for 20-30 minutes after cleansing and wash off. The mask leaves you with the SOFTEST skin.

ancient glacier mask

To say that I have become a Nutra Health customer for life would be an understatement. Not only are the products AMAZING, but they are also Vegan, Non-GMO, cruelty-free, and contain no harsh chemicals or toxins.

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  1. LAURALEE says

    Love hearing about these great products, for I also use several varieties it with phenomenal results! Great job on blogging about it Jordan!

  2. Allan Emigh says

    I started using the Nutra Face Skin & Joint Ultra Relief MSM Cream 17 years ago, at the time I had really painful carpel tunnel in my left wrist. During a day when I was driving a lot it was really bothering me, I applied the cream to most of my lower arm to above the elbow then before it soaked in did it twice more, with this single application the pain disappeared right away and did not come back for 2 – 1/2 months. At that time I fought it for a week with several applications and now 17 years later it no longer bothers me. Another success was that I always suffered with razor burn, using the cream as an after shave has stopped that completely further more in just 3 weeks I had lost the crows feet around my eyes. Now at the age of 67 everyone is complimenting me on my great skin.

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