Give Your Wellness A Boost With These Amazing Must Haves

Sometimes it feels like the whirlwind of 2020 is never going to end. With the right tools in your arsenal, your wellness will be taken care of with these must haves!

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A Different Type Of Green Goo

Hand sanitizer is an absolute must! Especially with the current pandemic occurring and flu season upon us. The Aloe Shea Hand Sanitizer from Green Goo kills over 99% of germs effectively and is FDA compliant. Aloe Shea Hand Sanitizer is compact and can fit just about anywhere. I love keeping this in my purse for when I am on-the-go and it’s a great size for travel.

Upon opening the Aloe Shea Hand Sanitizer it does have a typical sanitizer scent, but once you rub it in, it leaves a soft floral scent behind that I adore.

The Aloe Shea Hand Sanitizer is not sticky, absorbs quickly and does not sit heavy on top of your skin. So not only are you taking care of your skin with the added aloe and shea, but you are keeping the germs at bay and smelling great while you are it.

The Everyday Essential Travel Salves are my favorite! We are no strangers to Green Goo; we have been using Green Goo Animal First Aid Salves for years when we first got a chicken 5 years ago! Now that we have a flock of 12, it is our go-to for our hens, especially for cuts on their little feet or treating bumble foot. So you can imagine my excitement when I could FINALLY try some of Green Goo’s salves for humans.

The Everyday Essential Travel Salves comes in 4 travel sizes that are similar to chapstick tubes. They are ideal for travel or simply toss in your bag when you are on the go. These are great to keep in your diaper bag/purse (or even pockets!), for day trips, or even outdoor adventures. The Pain Relief salve contains arnica which is great for itchiness, cuts, scrapes and bruising. It is a great accompaniment for wound dressing.

The Skin Repair is what my husband uses on his dry, rough hands daily. It helps restore the moisture back into his working hands. Pair the Skin Repair along with the First Aid Salve and you have a dynamic duo! This combo has helped my husband’s dry, cracked skin on his hands heal from being a package handler.

The Dry Skin salve is something I always keep on hand. All 3 of my kids have eczema, so this has come in handy while we are out and needed some relief from a flair up. It helps ease the eczema discomfort especially during these dry winter months.

When you need some extra reassurance after your household cleaning, sanitizing your hard surfaces can give you a peace of mind.

Green Goo’s All Purpose Sanitizer is a great addition to your cleaning arsenal. I use it daily to spray down high touch spots after my kids and husband come home from school or work.

Green Goo’s All Purpose Sanitizer is a dual purpose sanitizer, so not only can you sanitize your surfaces, but you can also use it on your hands. I love leaving it out on the counter so the kids can spray their hands and even backpacks. A great tool to have on hand to up your wellness game.

Green Goo even has all natural deodorants! The best part THEY WORK!!! The Lavender Thyme smells amazing and the scent lingers all day long keeping odors at bay. It’s completely plant based so it will not irritate sensitive skin or cause rashes.

Green Goo’s Natural Deodorant was not hard and gritty like many natural deodorants I have tried, and it did not tug or pull at my skin. There are no added parabens, phthalates or even mineral oil, and the price point is very affordable at $8.95!

Silk Face Masks

We all know face masks are absolutely CRUCIAL during the pandemic. The Celestial Silk Face Coverings are made from 100% mulberry silk. I love how soft it is and how it lays on my skin beautifully without any irritation.

In general silk promotes a healthy complexion. They help your skin retain moisture and stay hydrated. I first heard about silk face masks from YouTuber make-up guru Jaclyn Hill, and she raved about the benefits of silk masks; so of course I had to try Celestial Silk Face Coverings.

Since silk is hypoallergenic and repels bacteria, this would be ideal for the on going dilemma of break outs due to wearing masks all day.

Celestial Silk Face Coverings. look great on, breathable and helps keep your skin looking great. What’s not to love?

A Handy Dispenser

This is the handiest dispenser I have ever seen! The Wrist Dispenser slides on to your wrist with ease, and it’s a convenient way to carry and dispense hand sanitizer at any given moment. They come in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your style. The syringe is designed to fill the pouch with your favorite hand sanitizer with ease. It’s not messy or hard to do, just make sure you do not over fill since you may run the chance of causing the ‘bladder’ to burst.

The Wrist Dispenser offers a sense of security during these uncertain times. There are no more worries about shuffling through your purse or digging through your car to find your hand sanitizer. I found myself using the Wrist Dispenser without even thinking, almost like second nature. I think the Wrist Dispenser would make a great gift or stocking stuffer for anyone in your life. A wellness gift that shows how much you care about your loved ones.

You can also find the Wrist Dispenser on Amazon!

Which was your favorite wellness product?

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