Fun Stories Personalized For Your Pet

Fun Stories Personalized For Your Pet - Petlandia Book


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Here’s a unique gift idea for the animal lover in your life. Who wouldn’t find it fascinating and fun to receive a storybook personalized for their beloved pet?

My daughter is as big an animal lover as I am. And her cats are her life. She’s a young adult, not married or a mother, yet. So, her kitties are her babies. I thought it would be fun to include in her birthday gifts a fun little storybook from Petlandia, personalized for one of her furbabies, Gypsy.


Fun Stories Personalized For Your Pet - Petlandia Book


This is an item that will be great for anyone, regardless of age, I think. Or even for yourself. The colors and construction of the book are really very nicely done. And it’s not just a short story with no plot, either. It’s more than thirty pages long with a nice amount of text which reads with a good flow. The story is full of fun details alongside beautiful illustrations.

I’m very impressed with it. My daughter thought it was the neatest gift she’d gotten in a very long time. It was so much fun to watch her face light up as she read it and realized that not only did the kitty look like her Gypsy, but it named the cat as well as herself as the cat’s owner.

The story I chose is a fun adventure starring Gypsy on a fun-filled journey with Grumpy Cat! Yes, THE Grumpy Cat we all know and love! There are several stories to choose from.


Fun Stories Personalized For Your Pet - Petlandia Book


You just choose physical appearance options for your pet, add their gender, name and hometown and even their owner’s name and it’s all added into the story in the appropriate places. Then you choose a standard soft cover book, a hardcover book, or even a gift boxed book. You can also add a personal message to the recipient to be printed inside the cover of the book if you wish. Shipping is super fast! I ordered the book and in just a few days it arrived at my home.

Her other cat, Elle, is the most lovable and adorable little yellow kitty. I wish I’d been able to make a Petlandia book featuring her as a star, too. But, she has only one eye. We’re not sure what happened to the other one. She was one-eyed when my daughter found her and brought her home.

But, if I was to make any suggestions to the Petlandia crew it would be to add the ability for customers to add a few more personalizations in the future, if possible. I would love to see options added for people whose pets might have physical issues like my daughter’s one-eyed cat, or might have lost a limb, have a stump tail or other such features.

I’d also love to see a wider range of collar colors to choose from. The color of my daughter’s cat’s collar wasn’t available so I had to choose a different color.

Right now you can choose to personalize a Petlandia storybook for your dog, cat or rabbit. As the company grows, I’d love to see more pet options added, like hamsters, birds, reptiles, horses, etc. I think there is a lot of potential for growth here to appeal to the vast array of pets that people own.

Other personalized items you can buy include t-shirts, wrapping paper, and feeding mats. These are all really cute, too! I’m keeping these in my back pocket as future gift ideas for my daughter, for sure.


Fun Stories Personalized For Your Pet - Petlandia Book

What kind of animal is your beloved pet? Check out the Petlandia storybook options and let us know which fun adventure you’d choose for your book!!!


Fun Stories Personalized For Your Pet

Fun Stories Personalized For Your Pet

Fun Stories Personalized For Your Pet

Fun Stories Personalized For Your Pet

Fun Stories Personalized For Your Pet

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  1. I haven’t met a kid yet that doesn’t love these books that you can personalise. They make the perfect gift and all children just love them. No doubt people with dogs, cats and rabbits are more plentiful than other pet varieties but perhaps they will expand to other pet options soon.

  2. How fun is this? My mother would love to receive this as a gift for her cat. She often has the grandkids over and one of their favorite things to do is read books together from her library. How much fun if one of the books was about grandma’s cat!

  3. Odd but I think this is a nice stress reliever. It makes you also be a better pet owner generally.

  4. oh how cute is this. I’m sure this is a kid favorite.

  5. Omg for your pet? How cute! We have three pets at home, plus our two kids. They all would enjoy it.

  6. That is so funny! I have heard of personalizing them for your kids, but never for your pets. Haha

  7. Alexandra Cook says

    Oh wow, Such a cute and fun ideam my first time to see a personalized storybook for our dear pets.

  8. Oh wow, Such a cute and fun idea. This is my first time to see a personalized storybook for our dear pets.

  9. The personalized storybook would be great for my siblings, I will definitely consider doing this for them.

  10. sounds like a fun book

  11. This is such a fun and unique gift! I can think of at least 3 people I want to get this for. ?

  12. This is such a cute idea! I’m sure my kids would love these books for their pets. I never knew something like this existed, and it is a very unique idea.

  13. this is such a sweet way to honor your pet. We don’t have any, but we do have friends who do. Will be sure to share with them

  14. heyyy your cat looks just like mine. this personalized story is too precious though. i would totally do this for her, even though i know she wouldn’t care. lol

  15. I have heard so much about creating personalized books and never thought of making one for a pet. That is really fun. I’ll have to check this.

  16. That’s a fun story for kids. Cats are so cute and clingy all the time but sometimes they are apathetic when you call tall. The storybook is catchy too because of the beautiful drawing on it. Great review!

  17. Awww, so adorable! My Mum will go crazy over these. She’s the cat woman of the house, haha. 🙂

  18. Geraline Batarra says

    Wow, such a cute personalized storybook. Kids will really love reading something like this.

  19. Dont have a pet of my own. Although i love dogs and cats. This is quite new for me as i havent heard or seen of it before. Should be fun. Hahahaha

  20. This is such a cute idea! My son has a cat, who has the patience of a saint. I would love to do this with him and have my son get it and read it. This is such an awesome idea, thanks for sharing!

  21. How cute is that!! I don’t own a pet, would surely like to gift it to someone with a pet…thanks for sharing!

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