Freshen Up And Clean Your Living Space

Freshen Up and Clean Your Living Space with JOY

Freshen Up And Clean Your Living Space

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Last week, our washer broke. As you can imagine, I found myself handwashing some of my clothes. I’m used to it. I’ve lived in places where the washer broke and we went a few days or even weeks without a washer.

I like to keep our living space clean and organized. I find myself using natural cleaning methods. My favorite is using steam to clean around the home. I like cleaning with steam because it is quick, sanitizes, and freshens up wherever it is used!

Are you ready to freshen up and clean your living space? We share some fun products to get you started!

JOY Miracle Mop Super Absorbent Mop Head

I find myself cleaning the bathroom floor every morning or every other morning. It never fails, my son makes a mess or the floors look dirty! I like to do a deep cleaning and the JOY Miracle Mop Super Absorbent Mop Head allows me to do just that. I prefer to clean with natural products, such as Thieves Essential Oil products.

JOY Little Steamer

Ever since I received the Supreme Steam My Little Steamer & Go Mini Set, I find myself steam cleaning almost daily! I like to use the clothes steamer freshen my clothes, bedding, mattress, or the carpet!

I am so thrilled to have the JOY Little Steamer! The compact size allows me the option to pack it in my bag when we go out of town. Either way, this steamer is the perfect size to take when we stay overnight somewhere.

The JOY Little Steamer works to help clean, sanitize, and remove wrinkles from your clothes. Are you away from home and need to remove wrinkles or freshen your clothes? Just use the JOY Little Steamer on your clothes!

Have you tried steam cleaning around your home? Using a clothes steamer allows you to freshen up and clean your living space!

JOY Miracle Mop

I mainly wanted the JOY Miracle Mop for the interchangeable heads. I didn’t receive the broom head which is what I really wanted! I only received the microfiber head and pad of the JOY Miracle Mop. The JOY Miracle Mop is perfect for quick cleanings such as dusting the walls and fans! The JOY Miracle Mop is perfect and makes cleaning super easy!

Mopping with the JOY Miracle Mop allows me to clean the floors in a snap! I can either use it dry for a quick dusting of the floor or I use a spray bottle with an eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner and just spray the floor and then use the JOY Miracle Mop to clean!

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How do you freshen up and clean your living space? What products do you want to try? Do you have any favorite cleaning tools?

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  1. Dana Rodriguez says

    My favorite cleaning tool is my Shark. I have had it a few years and it is the best vacuum I have ever owned.

  2. My favorite cleaning product is spic and span the best cleaner ever

  3. Michele Soyer says

    I love my sponge mop.. I have had many over the years and they are my go-to for clean tile floors…. This mop featured also very good…..

  4. I use very basic stuff to clean (bleach, fabuloso) and I don’t have any favorite tools but the tip about using the steamer to clean and sanitize is genius.

  5. Kelly Kimmell says

    I like the design of the mop. I also love cleaning with steam.

  6. Jess Walker says

    I never thought of using a steam cleaner on the walls! What a great idea.

  7. Antoinette M says

    I’ve always wanted to try a clothes steamer! I like to clean with Magic Eraser.

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