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Hydro Flask review

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With the weather warming up and the humidity here in Florida off the charts, I have to make sure I stay hydrated. When I drink water, it has to be ice cold and my coffee has to be Starbucks “kids temp” as they call it. I guess it’s 130° temperature. Not too hot and not lukewarm, just right for me. So when I was asked if I wanted to try Hydro Flask products, I was so down!!

I’m a big drinker and I mean that I drink tons of water and about an equal amount of coffee. To the point that it’s a one for one. If I drink a cup of coffee, then I drink a cup of water. Basically, I drink a ton of water since you can’t make coffee without water. I have to stay hydrated or my skin will look dull and it helps with keeping me full so I don’t eat as much. My hunny Jason says my eyes are bigger than my stomach and he always teases me when I have to get a to-go box for my leftover food.

When Jason saw that I received these, he was totally jealous. We’re both in the Air Force and he said that these are what pilots get issued. I thought that was pretty sweet! He had bought himself a Under Armour Dominate Vacuum Insulated water bottle a while back and thought it was just the best thing ever. The Under Armour water bottle keeps his ice cold water icy for 12 hours, but my Hydro Flask 24 oz put his 12 hours to shame by keeping my water with ice icy for 25 hours!!

The first day I received it, it had to test it out so I filled up my Hydro Flask with ice and water at 7 pm and left it out on my kitchen counter overnight and took it to work with me in the morning. Throughout the day I kept refilling my water and finally a little after 8 pm my ice finally melted. I also went to the sauna one day during lunch and brought it in with me. I stayed in the sauna for 30 minutes and the sauna was set at 180°, my water was still icy cold with water! If you plan on taking yours in the sauna, just make sure when you pick it up to drink in there to hold it with your towel. The bottle itself was hot and no condensation on the outside. Now that’s IMPRESSIVE! I’m definitely taking this to the beach with me when it gets even warmer out. The picture below is when I was in the sauna. Don’t judge me. ?

Hydro Flask review

I also tested out my 12 oz wide-mouth with my coffee, but I couldn’t do a full test on how it kept my coffee at kid-temp. I can’t just have coffee in a cup and not drink it. However, it my coffee did stay the same temperature inside. I normally get called away from my desk for a meeting or for lunch and it stayed the “kid temp” for me.

Hydro Flask review

So instead of me testing out how long it would keep my coffee warm, I heated up some creamy chicken soup and put it in there. My soup stayed warm for at least 5 hours. The only reason I say 5 hours is because I fell asleep. Hydro Flask claims that it can keep it warm for 6 hours. I’m pretty sure it’s true though. Another good thing about these bottles is that I can put it on my wooden coffee table without a coaster and not worry about it leaving a ring on my table.

Hydro Flask review

So if you want to have icy cold water throughout the day without having to refill it with ice or to keep your coffee, tea, and soups warm/hot, then these bottles are for you!
You can get them on their HYDRO FLASK website.


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