Baby Steps to a Healthier You

Health. Working out. A balanced diet. A bunch of words that sometimes is difficult to digest. Of course everyone wants to be healthy and in shape. We also want to eat fabulously tasting meals everyday. Overall that ‘Healthier YOU‘ lifestyle is what almost every human being strives for.

Beauty Brite Disclosure

Here’s the real ‘tea’. Life is chaotic and our minds keep pushing its own personal agenda of ‘you don’t have time’. This chubby girl is here to you ‘That’s an excuse.’ There is always time to be healthy.

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Flasks of Life-Stay Hydrated this Summer

Hydro Flask review

Shefluential Disclosure

With the weather warming up and the humidity here in Florida off the charts, I have to make sure I stay hydrated. When I drink water, it has to be ice cold and my coffee has to be Starbucks “kids temp” as they call it. I guess it’s 130° temperature. Not too hot and not lukewarm, just right for me. So when I was asked if I wanted to try Hydro Flask products, I was so down!!

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