Elevate Your Skin Care Routine

Let’s face it, wearing makeup can be such a hassle. One way to ditch the foundation is to have a daily skin care routine. Using clean, non-toxic ingredients will help you put your best face forward. Are you ready for flawless glowing skin?

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Fight Time

An age-defying face wash?? Sign me up!! Elevé’s African Red Tea has become one my favorite face cleansers. It was gentle enough for my aging skin without any irritation or breakouts. The African Red Tea removed all my makeup including my stubborn mascara.

Elevé’s African Red Tea did not dry out or make my skin feel overly stripped. Instead, my skin was left smooth, hydrated with a beautiful glow.

The African Red Tea works up to a light lather with a fresh scent that is not overwhelming. It cleansed my skin beautifully leaving a great canvas to apply toner or even makeup.

Bright Eyes

The delicate skin around your eyes can tell a story. Personally, I don’t want anyone to know how tired I am or how much I have aged; so a good eye cream is a must have!

Elevé’s Eye-Luminate is a light weight eye cream that is soothing and cooling around the eyes. It dried down nicely and did not feel sticky. I loved how hydrated and plump my skin looked around my eyes.

The travel size of the Eye-Luminate has a unique applicator that is similar to a lip gloss wand. This was the first time I applied my eye cream with a wand applicator; it worked perfectly and made the process quicker. Swipe, pat, and your done!

This is great if you need a no fuss eye cream in your routine. An added bonus, the Eye-Luminate is more hygienic when using the wand instead of your fingers! Not only does Elevé’s Eye-Luminate eye cream work beautifully, the wand applicator is an innovative way to apply your eye cream.

Youthful Glow

Can we say ‘Holy Grail!’ I absolutely love this oil. Elevé’s Organic Golden Beauty Oil has a light scent that is really pretty and not overwhelming. I love wearing the Organic Golden Beauty Oil alone on no-makeup days. It gives such a beautiful glow and left my skin incredibly soft and hydrated.

The packaging is not your typical blue or amber bottle. It’s a pearlescent opaque white that would look beautiful on any vanity. The rounded tip glass dropper is one of my favorite applicators for oils since it makes it easier to dispense.

After two weeks, I began noticing a difference in my skins elasticity. My skin looked more youthful and brighter. Elevé’s Organic Golden Beauty Oil even provided a beautiful base to apply my makeup, which is perfect for light makeup days.

Deep Hydration

My skin can get very dry, especially during the winter. So I am always on the hunt for a fabulous night cream. Elevé’s TEN {The Perfect Night Cream} is a thick night cream that lays on your skin comfortably. A little goes a long way and it feels cooling on your face and neck.

I applied the TEN {The Perfect Night Cream} right before bed each night. This cream slowly absorbed, but it did not transfer or stain my pillowcase as I slept.

The next morning my skin was velvety soft, and had a healthy glow. After just one week, I noticed a huge change in my skins texture, especially around my eyes and mouth. After two weeks, my skin looked plump, hydrated and youthful. I am almost 40 years old, and my skin looks better than it does in my 20s. Elevé’s TEN {The Perfect Night Cream} is a gorgeous cream and worth to have in your skin care arsenal.

Which was your favorite skin care product?

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