Educational Tools Sent Right To Your Door During Quarantine

This is not your typical school year. With quarantine still in effect due to COVID-19, many parents are opting to keep their kids home during the pandemic. To ease some of the stress, educational subscription boxes can be an amazing tool to add to your virtual/homeschool curriculum. They can offer so much that you and your child can learn together.

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Take a Trip Around The World

As a former World Language educator, I understand how important cultural awareness is. It allows people to understand the differences between themselves and other cultures. Educating your child to be culturally aware teaches them to have compassion towards cultural sensitivities, respect for traditions and appreciation for diversity.

Little Learning Hands World Explorers is a subscription service box geared towards 6-12 year olds to help them learn about different countries and their cultures. It helps bridge the cultural gap promoting good manners, communication and overall awareness. It can even promote curiosity to travel and explore the world.

Little Learning Hands World Explorers uses STEM based activities through unique crafts and fun 3D puzzles. Kids can even enjoy cooking in the kitchen under parent supervision with delicious recipes. This can allow education through culinary by learning not only how to cook, but about different specialty dishes from all over the world. Little Learning Hands World Explorers takes you on an adventure and immerses you into a culture right in the comfort of your own home.

Little Learning Hands

The recipes and table talk cards are a great way for the whole family to get involved to learn and create together. The World Explorer Passport keeps track of the ‘countries visited‘ with each subscription box that arrives at your door. These passport booklets are a great way to end the ‘lesson‘ since they include simple comprehension questions about some of the favorite things they learned while exploring.

The included backpack in the introductory World Explorer box is a great way to store all Little Learning Hands World Explorer’s materials until next box arrives. When we received our second box, my two boys were excited to dive into the wonderful culture of China. We had so much fun creating and cooking with this box. We made the vegetable fried rice together and it was out of this world! My teenage daughter even jumped in on the action by creating an adorable cross stitch picture of a panda.

Little Learning Hands World Explorers has additional learning resources on their website to help with cultural immersion with gorgeous photos, learning how to say common words & phrases and even music. We had so much fun listening to music and speaking mandarin. My son’s thought it was so cool, and even I learned so much as well! My 8 year old loved the 3D puzzles and it really peaked his interest and curiosity. He began asking engaging questions that motivated him to continue doing research on China even after the activities were completed.

There is so much educational information packed in a Little Learning Hands World Explorers box! They make great supplemental materials for those who have children virtually learning or can be a part of a structured lesson plan for homeschoolers. However you decided to use your Little Learning Hands World Explorers box, it is a sure way to spark curiosity through culture.

Time For Recess

Of course after a long day of learning there needs to be some down time. Having recess allows kids to let loose, expel all that excess energy and to just be a kid. But if your child is homeschooled or a virtual learner, recess may look a little different. It can be tough to tear them away from the T.V or electronics when they are on their recess break. So it’s important to have fun and engaging activities on hand.

One of our favorite ways to have recess is through board games. It allows them to still critically think through strategy while having fun. One of our favorites is Drone Home by Play Monster. Drone Home is all about strategy, speed and timing and we LOVE it!

Drone Home is very easy to set up and only requires 4 AAA batteries. It even includes a real drone that is rechargeable. The drone takes approximately 15 minutes to reach a full charge before its ready to play. Drone Home is ideal for ages 8 & up and for 2-4 players. The drone itself seems rather ‘fragile’ in my opinion. So make sure to tell your kids to not let it fly too high because it does turn off and drop. It is best for it to get a couple feet into the air before gently catching it by the base.

Drone Home is my 3 kids and even my husbands favorite game to play during our down time. It’s so much fun and exciting! The object of the game is to get your alien into the ‘space craft‘ for lift off. You can bump eachother out or even hitch a ride with another alien; as long as your alien does not fall out when it flies up. The first person to send all their aliens ‘home‘ is the winner. We were able to play 5 rounds before it was time to give the drone a recharge which allowed us approx 45 minutes of play. With the holidays right around the corner, Drone Home would make the perfect gift!

What are some of your favorite educational tools to have on hand for your kids?

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