Easy Ways To Supplement Natural Products Into Your Beauty Routine

Natural Options To Add To Your Beauty Routine

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I often refer to myself as a ‘closet hippy’ or ‘crunchy granola mom’. I tried my best to nurse my daughter when she was born. I also made lactation smoothies and snacks for my self as well as homemade baby food for my little one. I even went as far as to exclusively cloth diaper her for almost two years.

I’ve tried to incorporate natural products in all aspects and so far, I have managed to phase out aerosols in favor of essential oils and diffusers. Where I struggle is within my hair and skin care products. There are so many options and alternatives that I do not know where to begin.

Here are a few products I have found to be 100% pure and natural.

rose water

Right now, I cannot get enough of GuruNanda and their 100% pure and natural rose water. Oh man, does this stuff smells amazing! It has been a wonderful replacement for my chemical filled toner and has left my skin smoother and even toned. This rose water has an incredible, sweet smell and has a multitude of positive effects. GuruNanda products are sourced without pesticides, artificial fragrances, and harsh chemicals.

Rose Water itself provides immense benefits to your skincare by removing oil and impurities, hydrates and moisturizes, and smooth wrinkles. Add this wonderful stuff to a spritz bottle and use it to set your make up. You can also add Rose Water to your shampoo to promote a healthier scalp.

GuruNanda has another amazing product that I keep in my daily routine and that is their oil pulling detox. Oil pulling is essentially an oral detox, pulling harmful toxins from your body through your mouth and saliva. Oil pulling accompanied with brushing your teeth helps prevent and remove disease causing toxins from the body. GuruNanda is one of the only companies to incorporate 100% organic oils into their oral detox blend. To remove toxins simply add one tablespoon of pulling oil to your mouth and swish for up to 15 minutes. When finished, spit the oil into a trashcan. Oil pulling should be done in the morning, prior to brushing your teeth and is safe to use daily. GuruNanda uses no artificial flavors or alcohol in their pulling oil which makes this a great choice for a body detox. I have been using this brand for about three weeks and I can tell I have less acne present on my face as well as healthier gums.

A lesser known way to add natural products to your beauty routine is to swap out your deodorant!

mineral stick deodorant

Did you know most deodorants contain aluminum chloride which is known to be a cancer-causing ingredient? By making a switch to a natural based deodorant, you are protecting yourself as well as the environment. I have been using Crystal’s original mineral antiperspirant stick and it has ONE ingredient. Yes, just one; mineral salts! These salts keep me from sweating and contain no harsh ingredients. Crystal is also a vegan company and does not test on animals. It is important to note, though, antiperspirants and deodorants provide two different options. Anti-perspirants are great for preventing sweat but do not control odor. If you fear smell, add a few drops of essential oil before you start your day! Crystal also has deodorant stick options that are natural and contain essential oils for fragrance.

Finally, an intensive moisturizer that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals

intensive moisturizer

If you are looking to swap out your favorite night time moisturizer with a natural alternative, Live Ultimate has a fantastic (and VEGAN) option! Live Ultimate has an intensive night moisturizer that contains Camu Berry which will envelop your face in a high dose punch of vitamin C. This moisturizer smells amazing and I have used it on everyone in my household to combat everything from dry skin due to sunburn to rough and bumpy patches on the arms. We have all woke up with luxuriously soft skin.

Want to learn more about natural or vegan skincare options? See what Misty says about her favorite vegan products.

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