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Every single product I currently own has some sort of chemical that I can’t even pronounce. To top it off, I had spent a pretty penny on some of these ‘luxury‘ brands that made promises but no real results. I know I am not getting any younger; but my skin needs some TLC that is not loaded with chemicals. During my journey to discover the ‘best all natural skin care‘ I found something pretty amazing. The result, I am ready to toss my old skin care routine out the window, and drench myself in natural beauty.

Raw, Natural, Beautiful Skin Care

Hear Me Raw Retails $42.00 USD each

Skin care is very important to me. A healthy glow & smooth silky skin can be a big confidence booster. I am tired of false promises and products that feel like a chemical peel. It’s time to really love my skin instead of dousing it with chemicals.

Hear Me Raw had me at the packaging. The beautiful glass container, the pod system, and of course everything they stand for. Everything about Hear Me Raw‘s packaging is recyclable, sustainable and eco-friendly. It is refreshing to hear that a company actually follows the 3 basic R’s: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

Hear Me Raw does not use any plastic discs or spatulas, in fact they use 88% less packaging than other products (Reduce). They also have an amazing ‘Pod System‘ where you can reuse the beautiful heavy glass container the product comes in with replacement pods (Reuse). The best part, every single part of the component is recyclable. A product that is good for your skin and good for our environment.

Ready to join the natural beauty movement?

Hear Me Raw

Pod system to help reduce waste. Hear Me Raw Pod refills retails $32.00 USD each

Natural. Vegan. Cruelty Free. Plant Based. No Chemical fillers. Sustainable. Eco-Friendly. Clean.

Men can use it too!

The Brightener

Contains natural ingredients such as: chlorophyll, bakuchiol (natural retinol), lemon peel, spirulina, and matcha green tea.

Hear Me Raw’s Brightener has a thin jelly-like consistency. It has a deep green coloration with a light fragrance of tea. Since I am a huge tea fan, I loved the light smell. I first used Hear Me Raw‘s Brightener as a daily face wash. I didn’t need a lot of the product, a little goes a long way. I rubbed it in on my face & neck, and was careful around my eyes as the directions stated. It immediately began to tingle, not in an uncomfortable way, but in a refreshing and cooling way that I could feel working.

As soon as I rinsed my face, my skin felt incredibly smooth and clean. I love the glow it gave my skin and the difference it made when I laid down my makeup. It’s gentle, yet a highly effective daily cleanser. I also tried Hear Me Raw Brightener as a mask. I left it on for 10 minutes until it was dried and gave it a rinse. This really intensified the glow and helped with the dry skin that I always have around my nose.

The Detoxifier

Contains natural ingredients such as: charcoal, jojoba, Irish ginseng and algae extract.

Hear Me Raw’s Detoxifier is the perfect natural mask. It has a thicker consistency like many facial masks, but there are no fragrances or funky smells. I applied Hear Me Raw’s Detoxifier as a thin layer over my face and neck and let it dry down for about 15 minutes.

The directions state to rub off the mask in its entirety and then wash off the remaining. When I started doing this, I realized what a big mess I was making, so definitely remove the Detoxifier over a sink for easy clean up. It left my skin looking and feeling flawless, by far one of my favorite skin masks I have tried. My skin was soft, clear, and my pores were hardly noticeable. One of my favorite results, was how ‘firm’ my skin looked. Everything I wanted and more in a facial mask.

SPF Natural Mineral Skin Protection

After discovering the ‘Holy Grail‘ of natural skin care products with Hear Me Raw ; it’s really important to protect all that hard work you’ve done.

Love Sun Body offers amazing skin protection that is not only good for your skin, but also good for the environment. I love that it is broad spectrum, so you are protected from both UVB & UVA rays. It is 100% natural including minerals and plant based ingredients. There is absolutely NO CHEMICALS, not even fillers. So that means, Love Sun Body is safe for both adults and children with sensitive skin.

100% Natural Minerals. Reef Safe. Hypoallergenic. Vegan. Gluten Free. Non-GMO. Non-Nano Particles. Biodegradable.

Contains Zinc Oxide & other plant based ingredients.

One of my favorite things about Love Sun Body is that its formulation is completely reef safe. That means they do not use nanoparticles that can still affect the coral reefs and marine life. Not many companies whom are reef safe can say the same.

Water & Sweat Resistant for up to 80 minutes.

Meets EWG Standards.

ECOCert Certified.

FDA approved safe ingredients.

I have the Love Sun Body in SPF 50 that is fragrance free. The formulation is thick & creamy, and it rubs down nicely. Love Sun Body does give off a slight white cast when your skin hits the light, which is something I don’t mind. You do not need to use a lot of Love Sun Body, a little goes a long way. Since its 100% all natural, I felt comfortable enough to use it on my face and on my children whom have eczema.

There are 4 formulations; available in SPF 30 & 50, and available lightly fragranced with vanilla. I am looking forward to trying Love Sun Body in SPF30, the formulation allows it to rub down sheer with no white cast.

Are you ready spoil and protect your skin the natural way?

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