CBD Wellness And Beyond

CBD Oil can offer so many benefits to people, such as pain relief, healing the body, overall calming, or an extra boost to get through the day. Have you used CBD Oil?

CBD Wellness And Beyond

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I’ve tried CBD Oil in the past and liked the calming effects. I’ve had a lot going on recently, whether it was stress from moving, being a single parent, or anxiety of making ends meet. I found myself going crazy and looking for natural ways to deal with everything. I am a huge fan of essential oils, but they can only help so much.

How do you deal with daily stress? I admit, I had no idea it would be so difficult being a single mom. However, I think I think I’m doing the best I can. I have a whole new outlook on single moms.

Let me introduce you to THREE different CBD products I am currently using!

Hakuna Supply CBD coffee on kitchen counter

I love my coffee! I have a cup of coffee every morning. Working from home allows me to create my own schedule. I do all of my writing, editing, social media, and any grocery shopping while my son is at school.

Since I am a huge fan of coffee, it was only fitting to try CBD coffee from Hakuna Supply CBD. They sent me a bag of Hakuna Awaken Hemp Roast and a few little bags of their Hakuna Dream Decaf Hemp Roast.

I enjoy starting my workday with a coffee, it gives me a quiet time to relax and prepare myself for a day of work! The hemp roasts from Hakuna Supply CBD are infused with an added benefit of CBD!

Foria Wellness Basics Tonic

The Basics Tonic from Foria Wellness is tasteless and easy to administer. The dropper is conveniently labeled, so I started with a half a dropper and slowly upped my doses every few days or so. I tend to take a dose in the morning and another in the afternoon or evening.

I found the Basics Tonic to help with my stress and anxiety with daily life. If I feel overwhelmed, I just take a quick dose. I have noticed that I am not as anxious over things I cannot control. Or I just find myself tackling each task that is stressing me out.

Veritas Farms CBD Gummies upclose in container lid

I’ve been wanting to try CBD Gummies with my son. He already loves his gummy vitamins. He won’t take any other type of medicine or supplement unless they are in gummy form. I am hoping CBD will help with his Autism. I give my son one CBD Gummy each evening. He loves them. He knows they are a part of his vitamin regimen.

Veritas Farms Full Spectrum CBD Tincture in Peppermint and Citrus

For me, I take a half dropper to a full dropper of Tinctures. I was sent the Full Spectrum CBD Tincture in Peppermint and Citrus. All I do is administer under my tongue and wait about 60 seconds before swallowing. I like to take a dose twice a day, once in the morning and another in the early evening just before my son gets home from school.

Veritas Farms Full Spectrum CBD Lip Balm in hand

Veritas Farms was kind enough to include the Full Spectrum CBD Lip Balm, which I appreciate! I use lip balm throughout the day. I keep my lip balm at my workspace and use it when needed. Surprisingly, my lips feel moisturized and protected. I tend to stick to a specific brand and no other brand has matched the protection. The Veritas Farms lip balm comes in a close second!

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What are your thoughts on CBD Oil? What CBD products are you using? Which products are you interested in trying?

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Stephanie is a full time single mom to a teen with Autism. She is a homeowner and starting a new chapter! Feel free to contact Stephanie for more information on how she can help your company.

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