Beauty Resolutions Worth Making in 2016 (Part 1)

Beauty Resolutions Worth Making in 2016 (Part 1)
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Now is the perfect time to enact some beauty resolutions worth making in 2016, with the new year right around the corner, wouldn’t you agree? My skin certainly could use an overhaul. Winter weather makes my skin sad — dull, dry, flaky — just all around not happy.

I am always game to try out new skin care products, and I am even more excited about the KOPARI line of skin care products because like everyone else I’ve hopped on the all-natural, organic skin care train. And, I’m simply a beach bum at heart, even though I no longer live near a beach. The outer packaging hooked my interest right away.

Beauty Resolutions Worth Making in 2016 (Part 1)Aside from the beach scene depicted on the outer packaging, I’m very much engaged by the color scheme. I love whites, greens and greys together, so I found the outer packaging to be really aesthetically pleasing.

KOPARI Coconut Oil beauty productsKOPARI products are made with 100% organic coconut oil, sourced from groves on Basilan Island (located in the Phillipines). Their products are lightweight to soak in easily without leaving behind a greasy residue.

Kopari Coconut Sheer Oil & KOPARI Coconut Body GlowKOPARI Coconut Sheer Oil is quite the multi-tasker. It has anti-aging properties to revive dull, sagging skin with new elasticity and firmness as well as reduce inflammation from damaging UV rays. Sheer Oil is ideal for use as daily face moisturizer or as a base for daily sunscreen application, a makeup remover (with an added bonus of nourishing eye lashes), cuticle care, and taming flyaways.

My cuticles are always terrible this time of year, especially since I don’t have the time to give myself manicures very often. I try to use hand moisturizer several times a day, paying special attention to my nail beds, but the cuticles shred anyway. By using Coconut Sheer Oil in place of at least one hand moisturization each day has made a difference in how my hands look.

KOPARI Coconut Body Glow moisturizes, nourishes and adds a slight illuminating glow to skin with natural pearlescent minerals. Winter be damned, I want a healthy summer sun glow all year round, and now I can have it! This came in pretty handy this holiday season as half of my family came down with some kind of sickness or the other. I was feeling so bad — body aches, lethargy and just generally not looking as peppy as I wanted to. I smoothed just a small bit of the body glow on my fingertips and smoothed it over my face and was pleased that it made me look a little less sickly so that at least I didn’t look so terrible in the inevitable family pictures. No one even knew I wasn’t feeling 100% and a couple of people even complimented me, mentioning that my skin had a glow. Mission accomplished! Thanks, KOPARI!

Kopari Coconut Balm & KOPARI Coconut MeltKOPARI Coconut Balm is like a little bit of heaven for my hands. In the winter, they get so dry and the skin feels tight and sometimes cracks. When it gets that way, it’s itchy, too. And it’s even worse when I have to wash my hands a lot or spend time using cleaning products around the house. This product hydrates, conditions and soothes irritated, itchy or extremely dry skin. Interestingly, included in the ingredient list is beeswax, which has antimicrobial properties. It also includes aloe vera with anti-inflammatory, burn-healing and scar-reducing properties. And last but not least, cocoa seed butter which forms a barrier on the skin to help prevent water loss. All it takes is a little tiny bit to nourish and protect skin.

KOPARI Coconut Melt contains fatty acids to repair, moisturize, balance skin tone and shrink pores; vitamin E and proteins to grow and strengthen hair and prevent hair loss; and lauric acid to aid in absorption of the coconut oil into hair shafts. That handy little white spoon shown above is included to scoop the product out of the jar. There are also many ways to use KOPARI Coconut Melt.

  • Deep Conditioning Hair Mask – Coat hair from root to tip, wait 40 minutes, then shampoo twice to wash it out.
  • Bath Boost – Drop a generous portion into your bath water and soak to take advantage of the moisturizing benefits.
  • Super Shave Oil – Can be used as a dry shaving treatment. Apply Coconut Melt to stubble, shave, rinse and rub in remaining oil to moisturize.
  • Massage Oil – Heat Coconut Melt, test temp to make sure it’s not too hot, and massage into skin.
  • Belly Beauty Balm – Run into pregnant belly to relieve itching and possibly prevent stretch marks.
  • Baby Butter – Excellent moisturizer for baby’s skin.

KOPARI products are non-GMO, sulfate-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, vegan and cruelty free. Perfect for even sensitive skin, you can pamper and protect the skin of your entire family.

Have you tried KOPARI products? Let me know your favorite!

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Disclaimer: The above shown products were received for free to facilitate review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

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