Beauty Brite Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Beauty Brite Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Welcome to Beauty Brite’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2016

This post is a collaboration among the Beauty Brite review team! As you know, we have a team of reviewers who help contribute to Beauty Brite.  It takes a team to offer unique and creative product reviews and amazing content for you, our readers!  We hope you enjoy our gift guide!

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Need a few gift ideas?

We adore writing about more than just beauty! We have gathered several gift suggestions for just about everyone on your list!

We are so honored and thrilled to share these gift suggestions with you!

This is our second year sharing our holiday gift ideas! Be sure to visit our Holiday Gift Guide 2015 picks if you need more ideas!

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Looking to design and personalize your own phone case?  What a great way to showcase your personality!

Keep your phone protected even when you drop it.  Add different modules to your phone. One iPhone Case. Endless Possibilities. Otterbox uniVERSE.


The holidays may be stressful and have you always on the go, but don’t worry, Contigo has you covered! Find out how!

Stay cool when traveling with a USB fan, perfect when you are on-the-go!


How do you spoil your pets? Treats, toys and accessories for your four-legged family members. See what we have to share!

HGG For Him

Do you have a man in your life that works on his feet all day? We have the perfect pair of boots!

My husband works evening and overnight shifts. He loves his coffee! Check out the perfect travel mugs for those on-the-go.

You can keep your valuables safe this holiday season and all year long! We have safety solutions for you and your family.

The perfect indulgence for the man in your life this holiday. Treat him to a shaving kit collection just for him.

Help your guy get the look he wants with this multi-tool shaver! This tool is perfect to use from head to toe!

Do you have a man on your list who loves cologne? Check out our roundup of colognes worthy of any man!

HGG For Her

“Magic mirror, on the wall – who is the fairest one of all?” Okay, okay. This isn’t a magic mirror, but it IS a mirror to drool over! See the free standing mirror will help her get ready to leave the house looking her very best!

Know of someone crazy for palettes? Palettes pack a punch because they are all-in-one! A blush, highlighter, and bronzer palette for the beauty lover or beauty newbie.

Stop and smell the roses! How about perfumes inspired by roses that you can enjoy anytime? Inspire beauty and romance this holiday with the perfect floral fragrances. Feeling tropical? We have a few vacation scents.

Looking for new eyeshadow? Have you tried eyeshadow sticks? Easy to apply and beautiful eyeshadow for the beauty maven on your list.

In search of a new skincare line to try? Discover how to refine and strengthen facial skin.

Treat yourself, family or friends! Do you have ladies on your list who could use some pampering at home?

Looking for luxurious moisturization for dry skin? Luxury skincare and affordable prices.

Get a revolutionary approach to skin care. Beautifully packaged skin care products.

Are you lash obsessed? Looking to update your eyelash curlers? We have a roundup of eyelash curlers to share.

Who doesn’t love pearls? Do you know of a pearl jewelry lover? See a beautiful pearl anklet!

A small but mighty facial cleansing device that she will love! Cleanse and treat your skin with a fabulous device!

Always losing your hair tie? We have a fun and unique way to keep your hair tie close. A bracelet that helps you have your hair tie at your fingertips.

HGG Home

As a mom, I feel like I am always vacuuming something up. We have an efficient vacuum with headlights that you have to see.

Need a lightweight vacuum that won’t let you down? The Shark Rocket Powerhead is perfect for any space.

We also love the Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology for it’s ability to pick up stuck on dirt and messes. It offers a deep clean and perfect for busy households.

A unique gift that embodies luxury, beauty, and style. Venturi Wine Openers are the perfect gift!

Prefer personal gifts? I love using products that were created just for me!  Personalized gifts great for everyday use.

Looking for new sheets?  If you prefer peach skin soft sheets, you must see our recommendation of bed sheets for the whole family.

Need to upgrade your mattress?  We have a fabulous non-toxic mattress that is perfect for your family!  Be sure to check out our one month update on our mattress. Don’t forget, you can save 10% on your purchase — see our posts for coupon codes!

Fitness and Health

Here is a stylish way to stay hydrated when you are out and about, at the gym or anywhere!

Are you limited on time and space? Try the Simply Fit Board! This is a great way to work your core as well as your legs and arms. Very low impact and can be done while watching television.

Looking for a fun and low impact fitness program? I cannot dance nor am I a country music fan, however, Country Heat is so much fun!

Everyone will appreciate a gift that promotes good health benefits and relaxation! Essential oil diffusers make a terrific present!

Have you heard of Bentology? Do you know of someone who into health or meal planning? Bentology keeps you on track with your weight loss goals this holiday season.

Want whiter teeth? You gotta get this. It’s so easy!

Hollowood’s favorite detox plan, simplified. Four weeks to a more fabulous physique.

Do you know of anyone looking to get fit in about 30 minutes a day?  Get fit for the best year of your life with this DVD and accompanying app!

Do you like walking, running or playing outside after dark?  Get fit, stay safe with 4id LED products.

Gym bag essentials that keep you looking and feeling great!  Refresh and restore at the gym or anytime!

HGG Babies And Kids

Car organization tools and the only car seat your kid will need as they grow big and tall!

A great stocking stuffer to inspire creative thinking and fun in children!

Treat yourself and your family to Beauty and the Beast!

Fantastic innovation toy for your kid, great indoor activity for cold weather months!

Creative and fun personalized gifts for kids!

Do you have kids with active imaginations?  Do they love creating their own stories and dressing up? Encourage imaginative play with Props In A Box.

Beauty And Fashion

Everything one needs for soft and manageable hair. We have a few hair hacks to try!
Help your favorite woman rehab dry damaged hair to look her best.

Get great looking hair and teeth and put your best face forward. Treat your hair to argan oil and teeth to a fabulous clean! We have two brands to try!  There are two additional brands we have to share!

Looking for new hairdryers? We have the Signature Dryer and the Conair Infiniti Pro hair dryer.

Food and Drink

Delicious, healthy cocktails that allow you to celebrate guilt-free. Perfect bubbly drink that is organic and gluten free.

Who loves their daily cup of joe? How about a great single-serve and whole pot coffee maker!

Spice up your vegetarian dishes with these great dressings and marinades!

HelloFresh — complete meals delivered right to your door.


Love Old Hollywood? Get this great read about Jean Harlow! Here’s another great read based on WWII in Old Hollywood.

Like fast-paced action and a good heist novel? Check this one out!

Young Adult fiction worth reading.

Young Adult fictional thriller.

Help your favorite natural beauty enthusiast or DIY lover whip up their own creations.

Know someone fascinated (or obsessed) with cookbooks? Check out this beautiful book of Gulf Coast inspired recipes.

Know someone who loves Chicken Soup For the Soul books? Here’s a great one!

Great read for kids and their grandparents.

This is a wonderful story of the friendships between women.

This must-read novel delves into the choices we make and how they change our lives. Get ready to get lost in it!

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