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Surviving the Season

It’s that time of year, baseball season is here! It’s probably one of the most exciting & exhausting times for us in our household. Not only are we baseball fans (GO RED SOX!), but my youngest son has a passion for the sport and is an incredible player.

My son with Boston Red Sox player Rick Porcello
Baseball Mom Brag Moment: My son was the youngest to win the HomeRun Derby in our town (he was 7!) AND he was invited to train at the prestigious HIT CLUB with veteran Red Sox player Darren Bragg!!

If you’re new to this lifestyle or a pro, you know it’s time to break out the comfy tees, pop on a cap and nix that nail polish. A baseball mom is the bringer of snacks, bitter of nails , and the biggest cheerleader to their ball player. To help ease some of craziness, here are some tips for surviving this season.

Gear Up!

Let’s talk cost.

The price of gear & fees combined can be frightening. It depends where you live and what level your child is playing at, league fees prices will vary. Leagues will usually provide your child with the team shirt and baseball cap, but purchasing the rest of the gear will be up to you.

Brace yourself, I am going to tell you a ballpark figure of how much it can be for your child to play (gear & fees). Are you sitting down?

Anywhere between $400- $1500, and that’s for the BASICS.

The range varies depending if you buy new or used gear and also the brand name. If your kiddo is just starting out, I would definitely recommend checking out thrift shops, second hand sports stores (like Play It Again Sports) or hand-me-downs.

My youngest son has goals to play professionally one day. He really wants to be the next David Ortiz (Big Papi!!!) and play for the Boston Red Sox. His recent wish list items were an Axe bat (I fainted at the $500 price tag) and some sports glasses (prices range upwards to $400+) We have gone above and beyond with his gear and training equipment (my very empty wallet is proof!). So we are definitely invested in his goals and dreams.

Protect those EYES

EyeSports Liberty-Sports Shift Glasses retails $179.95 USD

We were so lucky to be able to check off sports glasses for this season (I told him the bat needs to wait until high school…maybe college!!!) As a baseball mom, this is a must have if your child wears prescription lenses daily. Not only are they crucial for your child to actually SEE, but the protection they provide will put your nerves at ease.

Eyesports is an amazing company that creates goggles and glasses with prescription for your athlete. These are an absolute game changer for my son who struggled on the mound when he was up at bat. He would wear his regular prescription glasses only to have them slip down his nose from sweat and fog up. It got to the point where he no longer wore his glasses because it was too much of a hazard to even have them on.

The Liberty Sports Shift are very versatile. I love that the legs are interchangeable so they can switch from a regular frame to a goggle. The band for the goggle style is adjustable and has a non-slip rubber grip and ear cut out for extra security and comfort. The skull cap that comes with the Liberty Sports Shift helps keep the goggles extra secure even under a helmet.

Probably my favorite feature is that the lenses are shatterproof. So no more hyperventilating on this mommas end when hes up at bat. I am comforted knowing that aside from the shatterproof lenses, they also provide UV protection. The frame & the nosepiece are not only created for comfort, but they are also designed for impact.

Can it get any better? The answer is YES!

As I mentioned before, one of the biggest issues my son had was that he sweated A LOT! So he pretty much forfeited seeing clearly during a game due to foggy lenses. The design of the Liberty Sports Shift allows for proper air flow with vents. So no more fogged up glasses!

The fact that my son can comfortably see when he’s up at bat or in the field makes the Liberty Sports Shift glasses from EyeSports one of the BEST investments any baseball mom can make. Not only do they provide the safety that he needs, it really takes his ball game up to a whole new level.

Your Car Is The New Locker Room

Say goodbye to a clean and fresh smelling car and hello to dirt and funk! As a baseball mom, I know I always need to keep foldable chairs, blankets, extra gloves, bats & socks in my car. That’s just a few of the items, the list can go on! Lets not forget a cooler with snacks, waters and gatorades. You would think I have enough gear for an entire team, but that is just for one kiddo. The smells and mess can get intense sometimes, but it’s one season a year, and the dedication is real!

Say Goodbye To Your Weekends

Got plans? Cancel them.

Depending on the league/level & if your child participates in tournaments, you can have anywhere between 1-6 games in a weekend!! My son is still young, so we have a game every Saturday and Sunday during baseball season and 2 practices after school during the week. Games can last up to 2 hours (or more, again depending on league) and the kids usually have to arrive 30 min to an hour before the game for warm up. Your new brunch will be at the dugout! Personally, we love it!

Control Yourself Momma!

This is a hard one for many moms. You see your baby on the field with balls flying, bats swinging, so of course your heart is shoved all the way up to your throat. One of the hardest things to do is to control your urge to run out on the field, or scream at the top of your lungs if a bad call was made. Remember momma, they got this! You DO NOT want to be that parent being escorted off the field by the umpire or coach! So take a seat, do your best not to make nubs for fingernails, and cheer on your baby.

Come Prepared

Before game day, do your best to prepare the essentials so your not driving yourself crazy. If its an away game, print out those directions. Make sure your chairs and blankets are in the car, game bag is packed, uniforms are washed and water bottles are cooling in the fridge. When game day arrives, do a quick gear check, pack your cooler and hit the road. Take it from this baseball mom who has literally lost her mind looking for batting gloves, baseball caps and cups (Not the kind of cup you drink from either!) Getting it done the night before will make game day less stressful and so much more enjoyable.

Enjoy yourself

One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to enjoy these moments. You may be breaking the bank, destroying your manicure and enduring smells you didn’t think existed, but these moments are truly once in a lifetime.

So dress comfy, bring a camera, and capture those moments of your athlete in training. Your child as well as everyone in your family will really appreciate the memories captured during the most amazing time of year!

With all that said, it’s time to PLAY BALL !

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  1. Rafael says

    Awesome article! I can relate to every single thing written!

    • Judy says

      Yes i can relate to this too, many springs ago now living ut all over through gk’s! Nice written article ?

      • Liana says

        We are ready! Already starting hitting the batting cages 🙂

  2. Alba says

    Most relatable article I’ve read. Baseball season is crazy in my house as well. Those glasses look pretty amazing, I need to check out the site.

  3. Djonny Esteves says

    Great article. I need more this type of writing.

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