And The Eyes Have It

And The Eyes Have It
Beauty Brite Disclosure

What’s the old proverb, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To me the first thing I notice about someone when I first meet them. Now you can have amazing eyewear that’s perfect for any occasion. And just like that, the eyes have it.

Glasses as Toddler

I’ve worn glasses since I was about four years old. Growing up I always had a love-hate relationship with my eyewear. I was your typical child that got picked on for having glasses in elementary school, so at the first chance to get contacts I jumped and switched. I was lucky enough to be able to grow out of the need for them in middle school into college, but soon enough I was in need of glasses again. That’s when I found out about Eye Buy Direct.

The Eyes Have It!

Blue Light Blocking Technology

Eye Buy Direct is an awesome company that specializes in affordable and stylish eyewear for every walk of life. With everything done from their warehouse, you have all your needs met in one place. From style to prescription you can get everything done at once. With a mission to help provide better vision to 2.5 billion people get the eyesight they need by donating to their non-profit organizations. Why wouldn’t you look stylish and help others see better?

Hepburn Frame

When choosing my new glasses I choose to go with something different then what I usually wear. I chose the beautiful Hepburn Frames. The clear frames go with any outfit! It’s so easy to add in your prescriptions so you make sure you have the perfect glasses. Since I work often on computers or phones I also added their wonderful Blue Light Blocking technology to help protect my eyes from those damaging lights. This way I don’t have to worry about ruining my eyes to get the job done. Protecting your eyes can keep those nasty headaches away, and as someone who suffers from migraines, the blue light blocking technology was a no brainer.

Eye Buy Direct

I highly recommend the amazing Eye Buy Direct. Now I can have a different frame to fit any mood. I don’t have to worry about breaking the bank when getting new eyewear because they have everything covered in one place. With a fast production time and shipping, you can have your new glasses to you in as little as two weeks. For more information or to get your own pair(s) of glasses from Eye Buy Direct be sure to check out their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

What is your favorite style when it comes to eyewear?


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