An At-Home Spa Day With These Pure & Coco Products

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Natural Coconut Body Creme

Sometimes all you want to do is relax and do an at-home spa treatment. With these Pure & Coco Natural products, you can do that while saving money. This affordable skincare line features body cremes and moisturizing exfoliators. I recently had the change to try out both of these products in the Coconut scent.

There are two scents that I love: coconut and vanilla. So of course, I had to pick out the Coconut Body Creme ($27). This thick creme applies like a dream and gives my skin the hydration that it desperately needs. I typically use this right after I get out of the shower. I’ll pat my skin down with the towel, then apply the body creme. I am crazy sensitive and allergic to scents, and this hasn’t caused any issues. No redness or itchiness. It’s a great product and definitely worth the price point.

Moisturizing Exfoliator Vanilla and Coconut

This moisturizing exfoliator ($15) will gently sweet away dead skins cells to reveal healthier looking skin underneath and moisturize with coconut oil – without leaving your skin feeling oily. The moisturizing exfoliator isn’t harsh and great for daily use.

Moisturizing Lip Balm

I’m always on the hunt for the next, exceptional lip balm. The Pure & Coco Moisturizing Lip Balm ($5) is incredible and comes at such an affordable price. I prefer to use this at night after I take a shower. I’ll do my night time routine, then apply the lip balm before I go to bed. I have crazy dry lips because of allergies, and this does a good job providing moisture to my lips.

Overall Thoughts

Sometimes you have to give yourself a spa day. Relaxing days help relieve stress and hope for a better day or week. For me, I decided to give myself days where I paint my nails, read a fun magazine, or watching a guilty pleasure on Netflix or Hulu. It’s so crucial to have relaxing days.

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