Add Core And Balance To Your Home Gym

Add Core And Balance To Your Home GymBeauty Brite Disclosure

Since it’s the beginning of a new year, many people want to improve their health. It is a time to set goals and resolutions. One of my goals this year is to slim down and work on my core and balance.

Add Core And Balance To Your Home Gym is easy! Are you ready to get started?

In order to focus on my goals, I wanted to revisit yoga and pilates. Pilates was one of my first loves with fitness! All you need is a mat!

Let us show you how to Add Core And Balance To Your Home Gym:


Let’s start with the fun part of choosing cute and comfortable clothing. I love wearing yoga leggings. I pretty much live in leggings! Finding new clothes is a subtle way to pump yourself up for a new workout program and stay motivated!

OmmyGod! Yoga Fashion

Since I love leggings so much, I found a few cute designs! The OmmyGod! Monet in Liquid State and OmmyGod! The Cannes Walkaway offer unique styles to wear! They are inspiring and keep me motivated when I wear them for my workouts or just around the house.

The OmmyGod! Half Sheer Yoga Top is super cute. I normally don’t wear crop tops but I don’t mind wearing it at home during my workouts! The top pairs perfectly with a sports bra! Every woman appreciates a supportive and comfortable sports bra. The sports bra is stretchy and stays in place. It’s stylish and fun to wear!


I have a few yoga mats but they are packed away! However, it was time for a new mat! I was excited to receive the Bohemian Crush Yoga Mat from Apeiron Yoga! I love the soft colors of purple and pink! The design is so calming and relaxing. The gold and white also add an energizing vibe!

Bohemian Crush Yoga Mat

The mat itself offers a soft surface that can be slippery when your hands are dry. I just lightly spray the mat with water for a better grip.

I turn to yoga and pilates when I feel stressed out and need a great stretch and strength workout.

Yoga helps me work on my balance. Pilates helps me slim down. Both help work my muscles to make them longer and leaner.


It is important to stay hydrated. Even though yoga and pilates are low impact, I do my best to stay hydrated before, during and after my workouts!

Contigo Shake & Go Fit

The Contigo Shake & Go Fit is perfect for on-the-go! It features a storage container to hold anything you want! You can store a snack, protein powder, or even your keys! There is also a vitamin tray that allows you to take your supplements with you!

What I love about the Contigo Shake & Go Fit is the smallest difference, it features a rounded bottom and weighted shaker ball! This means everything gets mixed evenly! The container itself is clear, which makes measuring liquid super easy!

The lid is one piece, meaning the top is connected to the handle. The Contigo Shake & Go Fit can be used to hold your water or any other liquid to mix with your powder! Since I like to stay hydrated, I plan on using this throughout the day!

If you are looking to add strength and cardio to your home gym, be sure to check out our tips!

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How do you add core and balance to your home gym? Do you have any tips or products to share?

You can connect with Contigo on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can connect with Apeiron Yoga on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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  1. Calvin says

    Don’t have much of a home gym as I go to the centre. I like yoga mats and blocks, some straps and dumbells don’t hurt

  2. Stephanie Z says

    I also find that wearing cute and comfortable clothing gets me motivated to work out. That Bohemian Crush Yoga Mat has a really fun design.

  3. I work out at Planet Fitness. I need some “cute” workout clothes as I just wear baggy sweats and a big tshir.

  4. Carol G says

    I use small barbells for most of my workouts.

  5. Phyllis P says

    These are super cute workout clothes!

  6. I love these workout clothes. We have a small home gym. I love being able to workout without heading to the gym.

  7. Debbie P says

    I mostly walk for exercise, but I do love my black yoga pants.

  8. great looking workout clothes, love the colors

  9. Lindsay A. says

    Totally in love with those leggings & that mat!!! Love being introduced to new brands, thank you!! 🙂

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