A Relaxing Hemp Skin Care Routine

We All Need Self Care

Need to destress with a little self care? Try pampering your skin by delicately exfoliating and adding hemp skin care to your routine. It will leave your skin looking gorgeous and feeling refreshed.

Wash The Day Away

Hot showers feel amazing no matter what time of day it is. Whether you need to wake up or wind down, it’s a great way for your body to relax. It’s also the perfect time to give your skin a little TLC. My favorite way is to exfoliate, which can boost the look and feel of your skin.

A Good Rub Down

Bondi Myst body mitt is the ideal tool to help remove all the dead and dry skin from your body. No need for gritty scrubs that are rough on the skin. The Bondi Myst will bring your skin back to life with gentle all over exfoliating.

The Bondi Myst Mystify retails $34.95 USD

Exfoliating your skin can brighten and give it a beautiful glow. Using a mitt like Bondi Myst can help even skin tone and reduce the look of blemishes. My favorite way to use the mitt is on my face to unclog pores which help reduce blackheads and acne.

Gets rid of dead/dry skin. Increases blood circulation. Prevents ingrown hairs. Reduces appearance of cellulite and stretch marks over long term use.

It’s best to use the Bondi Myst at least once a week. It softened my skin all over my body after just one use. I love the glow it gave my legs and arms! Make sure you use the Bondi Myst while taking a warm/hot shower. Rub the mitt in circular motions until you see the dead skin roll off. Once you rinse off the dead skin and dry off, this will be a perfect opportunity to continue with your relaxing self care routine.

Hemp Head To Toe

Hemp seed oil in skin care products is highly beneficial and effective in your beauty routine. Hemp seed oil is all natural and pressed from hemp seeds (hemp oil is made from the entire hemp plant). The natural antibacterial properties helps clear up acne and regulate natural oils. It even helps reduce inflammation in skin conditions like psoriasis & eczema.

Hemp seed oil is high in omega & amino acids which hydrate, firm & smooth your skin. Add a blend of natural healthy antioxidants and it creates a perfect mix to help fight premature aging. The natural vitamins even out the skin tone (great for rosacea) and reduces blemishes. So who needs chemicals in their skin care?

Oh It’s Natural

Hemp +Aloe Facial Cleanser Retails $19.99 USD

Hemp All Over Face Body Oil Retails $49.00 USD

Daily Hemp Duo (Duo contains both products) Retails $64.97 USD

Oh It’s Natural Daily Hemp Duo is great to use morning or night as part of your skin care routine. The Hemp+Aloe Cleanser contains aloe that leaves your skin feeling soft and not completely stripped and dried down like most cleansers do. It is dispensed through a pump that creates a light foam but quickly turns in a nice thick lather that’s easy to rinse off. A little goes a long way with the Hemp+Aloe Cleanser, so one pump is all you need.

Natural. Cruelty Free. Vegan. Locally Sourced. Great for sensitive skin.

Now that your skin is exfoliated with the Bondi Myst & your face washed with Hemp+Aloe Facial Cleanser, it’s time to add some hemp seed oil. The Hemp All Over Face & Body Oil comes in a sturdy glass dropper. You do not need too much of the hemp seed oil because a little goes a long way. There is no fragrance or added coloring. The Hemp All Over oil absorbed right into my skin leaving it feeling super soft and silky. It did not leave any residue behind or leave my skin feeling oily. Since it’s all natural, there are no worries of skin reactions or breakouts.

It was a wonderful feeling receiving compliments from friends & family throughout the day. My mother could not get over how much my skin glowed and soft it was. Oh It’s Natural face wash and hemp seed oil is an ideal addition to anyone’s pampering and skin care needs.

3 simple steps left my skin feeling incredible. My body felt pampered, relaxed & glowing. What are some of your favorite ways to give yourself a little self-care?

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