4 Ways To Pamper Yourself- On A Daily Basis!

What…wait…Pamper Yourself!  Yes, I know Mother’s Day is this weekend, BUT shouldn’t we be pampered all the time?  Now to get your other half and kids on board might be a struggle, but no worries- all you need is YOU and a couple of items.  But I’ll walk you through all that. 

4 Ways To Pamper Yourself- On A Daily Basis! What...wait...Pamper Yourself!  Yes, I know Mother’s Day is this weekend, BUT shouldn’t we be pampered all the time?  Now to get your other half and kids on board might be a struggle, but no worries- all you need is YOU and a couple of items.  But I’ll walk you through all that.
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So let’s start with ways you can pamper yourself daily!  I’m going to share with you four ways I pamper myself every day! 

Create A Place Of Your Own

First thing first- create a space in your home where you can get away from all the chaos. I have a small corner in my room, and all I need to do is lock the door, so that is MY TIME.  Items you need for your space that will help is calming music, a scented candle, or essential oils. Having your own space where you can go to unwind is an essential way to pamper yourself! 

I highly recommend Forest Remedies Essential Oils because they are passionate about wellness. Plus, they are a company that gives back- Forest Remedies is proud to support One Tree Planted. For every product sold, Forest RemediesTM will contribute to the planting of a tree to help rebuild the world’s forests and create a more sustainable future.

I use Sweet Orange essential oil for a wonderfully uplifting aroma in the morning.  Oh, let’s not forget my secret weapon for headaches, Citronella Essential Oil!  If you are not using Citronella Essential Oil, you need to it helps with so many things- plus, it fights BACTERIA! I know Patchouli Essential Oil is a hit and miss with people- me, I’m not too fond of the smell, BUT I do add it to my diffuser when I meditate.  It ground me and helps me with my anxiety- I didn’t know that until recently.  

Or if you like incense, then you need to try Sea Witch Botanicals they make zero-waste home and personal care products. Their incense is all-natural, essential oil-based, and air-purifying sticks.  My favorite incense is the Rosemary & Lavender Incense Stick because it helps when I need to de-stress, which is almost every day now! Every morning I burn an incense stick, write in my journal, and plan my day out. 

Get Comfy!

When I wear clothes that make me feel good, I’m in heaven.  Lately, my favorite outfit is my LOVE T-shirt by Ruben Rojas (Live Through Love Capsule Collection), leggings, and flip flops.  

Let me tell you about this t-shirt.-.  It is PINK (favorite color) and hella comfortable. T-shirts are a staple in my wardrobe, but not all t-shirts are the same.  This t-shirt is of high-quality material and feels good on. 100% Cotton fits true to size, and made in California! There are so many items I want to get- sweatshirt, tank top, even the sweat pants! 

Pamper yourself with clothing that makes you feel good and FITS! 

Pamper your SKIN! 

There are so many beauty products out there, and it’s hard to determine what works and doesn’t, so that is why I want to share one of my favorite companies that create products that will pamper you! 

The older I get, I notice my skin getting dry, so when I tried C2 Clean Beauty DRY SKIN KIT, which has PRIMER, SERUM, AND SQUALANE + VIT E OIL. I wasn’t sure if it would work, BUT OMFG my skin loves these products.  I keep touching my face (not in a bad way) to feel how soft it feels.  Not an oily way- just smoother.  By the way- the bag it comes in is amazing and keep the tops after you put the pumps on so you can travel with them.

HYDRATE YOUR SKIN is a beautiful way to pamper yourself! If you have any of these issues, then you will need to get this kit- Dehydration, Anti-Aging, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Dryness, Dull Skin, Uneven Tone, Sensitive, Healthy Pregnancy.  It’s the perfect clean solution to help moisturize, nourish, and revitalize dry and tired skin. 

My nighttime skincare favorite is the Daily Brightening Cleanser, which removes dirt, oil, makeup, and cleanses without over-drying. I’ve noticed a big difference while using this product.  

Now we can’t forget to pamper our LIPS! C2 Clean Beauty Lip Conditioners are the BOMB!  They replenish, repair, and nourish your lips.  I’ve never had such soft lips- okay, maybe when I was a kid. 

Your skin deserves to be pampered too! 

Pamper your BODY, too!

Well, taking care of your hands and feet at home is a must now!  Every week soak your hands and/or feet in this Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak which is ideal for soothing & softening: Plus, it works wonders on dry, cracked heels & calluses.  My feet get so dry since I’m always wearing flip flops, so this is my favorite thing to do on a long day on my feet.  Pamper those feet! 

It also helps with

  • Plantar fasciitis & gout
  • Athlete’s foot & toenail fungus
  • Sore, tired feet

Purely Northwest was the first to combine the power of Epsom salt, sea salt & MSM along with their proprietary blend of 7 essential oils to create a great foot soak that leaves you feeling clean and refreshed. An exciting tidbit is this company is from my hometown Bellingham, Washington- everything is done there too. 

Other products to pamper yourself!

  • LAVENDER FOOT SOAK WITH EPSOM SALT– this is pure pampering! Leaves your feet soft and refreshed. Amazing and smells so good. 
  • TEA TREE OIL FOOT & BODY WASH– is renowned for knocking out foot & body odor.  
  • NAIL CLIPPER SET– this 3-piece nail clipper set includes three sizes of surgical-grade stainless steel clippers; 2 curved blades and one straight. The small one is angled for proper cutting of toenails.  Not your every day clipper set!  

Now you are ready for that pedicure and manicure, go ahead and paint your nails with your favorite color varnish- the ultimate way to pamper yourself. 

So I gave you examples and products that will help you pamper yourself daily.  If you don’t pamper yourself- who will? 

I want you to let me know one way you pamper yourself- leave a comment, please! 

If you haven’t read my post on Create A Vanity Area For Your Teen– super easy and fun to do! Also, if you are interested in a Self Love Journal ($4.99) then I got you covered with that too- head over to my Etsy Store- Printables By Pam (this link gives you a $1 off for the month of May)- It is a 30 Day Self Love Journal Challenge!


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