2 Affordable Gifts For The Beauty Guru In Your Life

Shopping for the beauty guru in your life can be rather difficult, especially when it seams that they own it all. We found two affordable options that would make a great gift for any occasion.

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Fabulous Skin At An Affordable Price

The Soo’AE Phyto Collagen cleansing foam is a rich and creamy face cleanser that deep cleaned my skin. There was not one bit of makeup left behind and my face looked refreshed. It did work up to a thick lather, so a little can go a long way.

The Soo’AE Phyto Collagen cleansing foam did not irritate or cause any breakouts. My teenage daughter was able to use it daily with out any issues for her young sensitive skin. After one week of using the Soo’Ae Phyto Collagen cleansing foam, I noticed my skin did look brighter and appeared firmer.

The Soo’AE Food Story masks are so unique. Each mask targets a different skin outcome. Whether you are looking for a glow, firming or just to nourish, Soo’AE has a mask for it. Since they are made with real fruit extracts, make sure you do not have any food allergies to the mask you choose to use.

The Soo’AE Food Story masks left my skin with a healthy glow after it fully absorbed. I appreciate the fact that these masks are biodegradable, which makes it a feel good product.

The Soo’AE Phyto Collagen Serum is my favorite out of the entire collection. The serum dispensed from a rounded tip dropper, which is my favorite style of serum applicator. The Soo’AE Phyto Collagen Serum absorbed quickly into my skin and I did notice a slight tingling sensation.

Soo’AE is gentle enough to use daily and I had no issues with breakouts or skin irritation. A jade roller helped push in the serum for optimal results. Soo’AE Phyto Collagen Serum left my skin feeling silky smooth with a youthful glow.

The Soo’AE Phyto Collagen face cream is a thick face cream that felt cooling and relaxing on the skin. It does have a slight perfume smell to it, so if you have a scent sensitivity, be mindful of that.

The Soo’AE Phyto Collagen face cream did not leave my face looking overly greasy or shiny. It looked and felt hydrated and plump. I liked that within 6 minutes the cream was completely absorbed into my skin and that a little goes a long way!

Personalized Makeup

Who wouldn’t want to receive personalized makeup as a gift?!! The Beauty Tailor creates custom lipsticks that match your style and skin tone. The entire process was very simple to follow on-line. I was not only able to customize a lipstick that I loved, but also add flavors/essense and additives like a plumper or mineral sunscreen.

The Beauty Tailor even has pre-made lipstick options if you do not want to create your own color. These pre-made lipsticks also allow you to add certain additives as well. After mixing and creating different colors (it was so much fun!) I decided to go for a pre-made lipstick in the shade Kleopatra with chocolate essence and anti-oxidants added. The color is perfect for my skin tone and subtle enough on my lips which is how I like my lipsticks.

After you are done creating your lipstick on The Beauty Tailor, you also have the option to have your lipstick tube engraved and create a customizable box. I chose to have my name on both the carton and the lipstick tube. I even choose a cute eye pattern for the box. Overall the entire concept of creating and customizing your own lipstick is amazing, something everyone should own, especially a beauty guru!

Which gift of beauty would you love to receive?

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