What Makes Me Happy- Coffee, Cleaning, and Face Cream.

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My morning routine has changed a lot since the kids are teens now. I get up, drink my coffee in peace, and plan my day. What a joy it is to do things that make me happy. Now don’t get me wrong my kids are my everything, and I would drop what I am doing for them, that is for sure. However, don’t lose yourself, please.

Do things that make you HAPPY!

After I drop them off at school, I come back home and have another cup of coffee- do you see a pattern? I love coffee! Anyways, before I can enjoy my 3rd cup of coffee, I need to clean my house. I swear though as much as I clean my house it is always a mess. My family has lower standards than I do, but that issue is for another time!

I Clean For ME!

I know I’m weird, but I need a clean house however I don’t like the cleaning smell plus I have kids and a dog who doesn’t need to be exposed to dangerous products! So I try to clean with cleaners that are organic and use essential oils.

A new cleaner I’m trying out is the Greenerways Organic products which are essential oil-based, Deet-Free, lab-tested, safe for the environment, and very affordable. The founder and mompreneur, Jayme Bella, created this brand out of a need for her family and children. YES- created by a mom. Love that fact. But guess what I like even better- it works and smells so good.

My favorite product is the All-Purpose Cleaner Multi-Surface Spray mainly in the kitchen because it makes my stove and fridge sparkle. It also cleans the bathroom, glass, mirrors, paint, toilet seats, baby changing tables, booster seats, cell phones, and the inside of the car.

Speaking of the car, keep the Greenerways Organic Hand and Surface Organic Cleaner- Travel Size (2oz) in the glove box- you will thank me later. It came in handy when we needed to clean sticky hands and then left the car smelling so good.

Taking Care Of Me

What Makes Me Happy- Coffee, Cleaning, and Face Cream.

Okay great my house is in order, clean and smells great for at least a couple hours until everyone comes back home. Now it’s time to do a little ME TIME. I take about an hour just for me. I take the time to write in my journal, enjoy my doggie and my skincare routine. I’m older (almost 51), and it is super important to take care of my skin.

I had the pleasure to try the Better Skin Mirakle Cream, OMG this product is so freakin amazing. Why because it is Day Cream, Night Cream, Eye Cream, Brightener, and Primer – All In One. Yep…and it works!

What Makes Me Happy- Coffee, Cleaning, and Face Cream.

I’ve been using this for about a month now, and my fine lines, wrinkles and those other ugly aging spots are clearing up. I feel like my face now has a shine (not oily) but vibrant. My face doesn’t feel so dry anymore. Absolutely in love with Better Skin Co products.

What Makes Me Happy- Coffee, Cleaning, and Face Cream.

Aging Lines Need To Go!

Another product that you need if you want to work on lines and aging issues- Better Skin Epik C Serum: Power Trio Complex! Contains the Power Trio Complex of Majestem ™, Vitamin C and PhytoVie®- I feel like I look younger when I use this product- it has been almost a month, and I even had a customer ask me the other day what I have been using. Of course, I told them!

Oh, I want to share something cool about The Better Skin Co- they are For All People! It doesn’t matter what gender, age, nationality, race, religion, politics, sexual orientation, and all other categories society uses to define people are what they celebrate at The Better Skin Co.-.Better Skin! #ForAllPeople

Now you know what I do when the kids are in school! I do take time out for myself! Some days I can only spare 30 minutes, but I need it, so I make it happen.

Dropping some major mom wisdom

Take care of yourself because no one else will- you need to take that time-any time you can. Even if it is just for 30 minutes- get it and take it!

So yes, I love me some COFFEE-CLEANING-FACE CREAM. Please check out the above products and please let us know what you think!

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