Tiger Grass: A Must Try Routine For Strong Supple Skin

Tiger grass for your skin?? Are you curious as to what it can do? I know I am! I could not wait to see how much my skin could improve with the Cica plant (Centella Asiatica), a.k.a Tiger Grass, and the results do not disappoint.

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What Can Tiger Grass (Cica) Do For My Skin?

Tiger grass, also known as Cica, is an amazing medicinal plant that stimulates cell growth and forms a protective barrier on your skin. It is ideal for any skin type (even sensitive) and those with certain skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea and acne. The constant cell growth will help keep your skin strong, supple and protected all while giving a healthy glow.

Cica Toner

Who doesn’t love a good moisturizing toner! Many toners can make your face feel tight and dry which is not the best feeling for your face. Meebak 2-in-1 Cica Misting Toner wont dry you out and that is just what is needed for these dry winter months.

After cleansing my face and patting it dry, I sprayed the 2-in-1 Cica Misting Toner all over my face and neck. The spray did not squirt out in a stream, but instead in a perfect mist that covered my face evenly. I tapped the toner in with my finger tips (or use a jade roller) for maximum absorption. The 2-in-1 Cica Misting Toner did not dry out my skin and most certainly did not feel overly tight.

My face felt hydrated, refreshed and prepped for my serums and creams. The 2-in-1 Cica Misting Toner left a beautiful subtle glow that was flattering to my skin. My skin was very soft to the touch after the toner completely absorbed. My skin was not irritated, but rather felt soothed and calm. I can’t get over how well it worked and great my skin felt! Along with the amazing natural ingredients and an affordable price point ($18!), the 2-in-1 Cica Misting Toner can compete with most high end toners!

Cica Face Mask

Masks are a great part of a skin care routine. Sheet masks are my favorite since they are easy to use and not as messy. The Cica Sheet Mask was no exception! Upon pulling it out of the packaging, I had to be gentle when unfolding since the entire mask was soaked in skincare goodness.

The Cica Sheet Mask was extremely cooling and soothing on my face. It adhered well to my skin without slipping or sliding around. For the entire 20 minutes, I felt relaxed as the mask worked its magic.

There is no need to wash your face after using the Cica Sheet Mask, just simply pat in the remainder of the serum with your finger tips and your done!

Once everything was completely absorbed, my skin felt extremely soft to the touch and hydrated. I had such a healthy glow, I definitely didn’t look like a woman nearing the age of 40!

The Cica Sheet Mask brightened, calmed and hydrated my skin, leaving a dewy complexion. Perfect for days when you are not in the mood to wear makeup and just want to show off fabulous looking skin.

Cica Eye Cream

After my face was cleansed and toned, it was time for eye cream. I usually keep my creams in a small fridge because I love the cooling effect it has on my skin, especially around my eyes.

The Cica Eye Cream is a light cream that did not tug at the gentle skin around my eyes. One pump was all I needed to cover both eyes with a gentle patting motion.

The Cica Eye Cream was cooling, soothing and hydrating. It absorbed quickly and did not sit heavy on my skin. I found that after using it daily for a week, 2x a day, the delicate skin around my eyes was brighter, helping with the appearance of my dark circles.

Cica Serums

Serums are my favorite type of skin care product, and Meebak has TWO to choose from. Both of Meebak’s serums offer so much for your skin, I had to use both daily. One serum for the morning and one in the evening.

The Cica Serum can be used twice daily on its own, but I felt it was best to use first thing in the morning. It has one of my favorite ingredients, retinol, that helps fight fine lines and wrinkles.

The Cica Serum has a nice natural smell which is great if you have scent sensitivity. It has a milky white color and a lightweight consistency that felt cool and refreshing on the skin.

After daily morning use, my skin had a lifted & youthful appearance. The Cica Serum hydrated my skin giving it plump healthy look. Once it was completely absorbed, it left my skin with a silky smooth texture that was touchably soft.

The Cica & Vitamin C Serum I used daily at night. It had an oil consistency that I really enjoy when it comes to serums. I used the Cica & Vitamin C Serum on its own for a few days, then began using it with an at home microneedler, and I am impressed!

The Cica & Vitamin C Serum has a light orange scent and has a rounded glass tip dropper which is my favorite type of applicator. It took about 5-6 drops to cover my face and neck and it absorbed nicely. It helped calm the redness around my nose and mouth and brought out a beautiful radiant glow; more so than the Cica Serum. If you are looking for skin radiance, Cica & Vitamin C Serum is the right one for you.

Cica Cream

Cleansed face, toned skin, eye cream and serum applied; now it’s time for the final step…. face cream. Cica Cream is a great moisturizer. Not only does it contain retinol, but also hyaluronic acid and peptides. All that goodness makes the Cica Cream ideal to help lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles since it’s ampt up on hydration.

There are no artificial fragrances, only a natural scent. It did not take too long for the Cica Cream to completely absorb into my skin and it did not feel heavy. Once it did, my skin felt silky, a type of silky that I couldn’t keep my own hands off my face. It helped bring out an inner glow, and combined with Meebak’s complete skin care line, my skin hasn’t looked this good since my 20’s!

Would you try a tiger grass skin care routine?

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