Teething Troubles Relieved

Teething Troubles RelievedBeauty Brite Disclosure

As a mom of three and one on the way, my least favorite part about parenting is going through teething with my kids. Bless their poor little hearts they are so miserable and a lot of times we as parents feel as if we have no way to help our poor little kiddos.

My youngest is eighteen months old and is still teething horribly. He only has six teeth (he was almost a year old before he cut his first tooth).  Well, I think I can help ease your teething troubles!

Guess what parents: I am pretty sure I found a product that can ease your teething troubles!

Nosh Teething Wafer

NOSH Teething Munchables are a great place to start. They are rice wafers that dissolve easily. They have a great crunch to them that gives your little one relief on their sensitive gums. They are free of your eight most common allergens and has no artificial colors or additives.

These tasty snacks are Non-GMO, and they have snacks from just starting to eat all the way up to toddlers. Full of fruits and veggies and all the good stuff you want for your little one.

I was lucky enough to be sent a box of NOSH Teething Munchables for my son to try out. The main thing I loved about them is that they come in small little pouches for easy carrying. I already have a ton of junk in my diaper bag without adding a huge box of snacks to the mix. They come two in a pack and slide right down in the side of the diaper bag pocket.

Nosh Teething Wafer

The next thing I like about them is how easy they are for your little one to hold. Fits perfectly into small hands, and they don’t make a big mess. A lot of “teething†foods are gross after they get wet and become mushy and stick to everything. Kids are messy enough without adding the extra gunk.

My son really seemed to like them a lot. He’s teething really bad right now and I’m always looking for ways to ease his pain. He’s a slow teether and it seems to take him forever to cut just one tooth. These are one of the best products I’ve found in a while to help.

Nosh Teething Wafer

To me, these have been a great help, I would recommend these for fellow parents. Interested in finding these Munchables for your teether? I hope you enjoy these products as much as we do.

Hop on over to Amazon and Toys R Us to purchase!



  1. I have to mention this to my sister. She has a 2 year old and is expecting in May. This may help them.

  2. Such a cute baby swimwear!

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