A Different Kind of Electric Toothbrush? We’re In.

A Different Type of Toothbrush? We're In.
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I’ve been using my current style toothbrush for several years now. Just buying a new one every few months to replace it. Lately, I haven’t been as thrilled with how “clean” this style is getting my teeth. So I went on a search for something that could truly clean my teeth and leave me pain-free from sensitive gums in the process. I found a toothbrush that competes with well-known competitors AND partners with A Reason to Smile, a nonprofit organization that supports dental health in Africa. Are you ready to kick your toothbrush to the curb yet?

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Finally Charcoal Toothpaste from a Well-known Brand

Colgate Essentials with Charcoal

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It feels like Colgate has been around forever. I remember using the fruity sparkle toothpaste as a child and even my children now use the same flavored toothpaste from Colgate. I have recently seen an increase in the trend of using activated charcoal to not only clean skin but also for brushing one’s teeth. I have also noticed all of the emerging brands of said charcoal toothpaste and have been hesitant about picking the best one to go with. Now, I don’t have to. Tried and true, Colgate has released their Colgate Essentials with CHARCOAL.

You know what makes this release even better? The fact that the Colgate Toothbrush included with your Colgate Essentials with Charcoal toothpaste also has charcoal in its bristles to make sure you are getting the best clean possible. There’s also no mess with using the Colgate Essentials with Charcoal. The charcoal is already in the toothpaste as well as cleverly mixed with the bristles so now puffs of black powder all over you and your clean bathroom! That’s a huge win in my book.

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Start Now To Look Fabulous For The Holidays


Start Now To Look Fabulous For The Holidays - Boka Oral Care & ReGenesis Hair CareBeauty Brite Disclosure

There are a million reasons and occasions for which we’d all like to look our best and there are almost as many different products on the market that make claims of being the best and doing the most to make us beautiful.

Holiday season is right around the corner — we’re into October already! Where did the whole year go? There are only about seven weeks until Thanksgiving and eleven weeks until Christmas. That’s just enough time to make some simple changes in your personal care routine to help you look your best for all of the family get-togethers, kids’ school parties and office functions that are sure to start filling up your calendar very soon.

Two of the features that people notice first when greeting each other are a person’s hair and smile. These are always the two things I worry about when faced with get-togethers of any kind. I found two products that are helping me prep myself to look great!… [read more]