A Different Kind of Electric Toothbrush? We’re In.

A Different Type of Toothbrush? We're In.
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I’ve been using my current style toothbrush for several years now. Just buying a new one every few months to replace it. Lately, I haven’t been as thrilled with how “clean” this style is getting my teeth. So I went on a search for something that could truly clean my teeth and leave me pain-free from sensitive gums in the process. I found a toothbrush that competes with well-known competitors AND partners with A Reason to Smile, a nonprofit organization that supports dental health in Africa. Are you ready to kick your toothbrush to the curb yet?


Bruush Toothbrush Packaging

Bruush electric toothbrushes pack in a punch of over 30,000 strokes per minute while offering multiple cleaning modes and a rechargeable battery that lasts for 4 weeks. I’m not sure which part of that sentence I love more. I am not the best at keeping my devices charged so in the past when I previously tried an electric toothbrush, we just weren’t compatible. Not to mention this particular toothbrush only had one setting and left me apprehensive about my daily brushing. You shouldn’t hate brushing your teeth anyways! So I switched back to my trusty favorite within a week.

Bruush Tooth Brush

Bruush comes with 6 settings – one of which includes your tongue! I haven’t seen that on another electric toothbrush. Have you? The other 5 modes include – daily, gentle, whitening, gum and max. There’s a mode for any of your dental needs. My favorite is the gentle and the whitening mode. Bruush also comes with a timer built in so you get a full 2-minute brush in. A pulse every 30 seconds to let you know, its time to switch to another quadrant of your mouth.

One other thing I enjoy about Bruush is that you really get the value of your money. Each Bruush toothbrush comes with the toothbrush itself, 3 brush heads, a travel case, a magnetic charging stand, and the USB power adaptor. And for those with a hectic life, Bruush has you covered with budget-friendly replacement head subscription. Not interested in a subscription? That’s okay too! $6 gets your replacement head shipped to you with FREE shipping and returns.

Photo Credit: Bruush

If all of the above isn’t enough to win you over – then just know that your purchase of a Bruush toothbrush is helping your dental health but also those in Africa through their partnership with A Reason to Smile. Ding-Ding-Ding! We have a real winner of a company, am I right?


Photo Credit: Eco-Dent

I also recently switched the toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss I have been using as well. Eco-dent has become a staple in my routine. I can trust that Eco-dent products are all-natural, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free. A healthier and whiter smile through the use of all-natural ingredients – baking soda, essential oils, and vitamins. The best part, is even my kids love their Strawberry Daily Care Toothpowder!

When’s the last time you switched your toothbrush?

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