Creating And Canning Seasonal Flavors

Creating And Canning Seasonal Flavors-Ball Collection Elite Sharing Mason Jars-Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee

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Canning jars can be used for many purposes: to can and store foods, to combine ingredients to create meals, salad dressings, or marinades; as serving containers; and to store and organize any number of small household goods such as buttons, pens and pencils, spices and oils. The uses are just about endless and are only limited within the bounds of your imagination.

I enjoy making jams and jellies as well as canning pickles, so these are the ways I most often use canning jars. But, I also have one that I keep spools of thread and sewing needles in for quick access to materials to mend garments and stuffed animals that develop holes with repeated use.

Ball Collection Elite Design Series Sharing Mason Jars

Canning jars make great gift receptacles for many types of small gifts. Not only do you minimize waste since wrapping paper or gift bags aren’t required, but you can use other small and simple things to dress it up such as ribbon, twine, and/or a gift tag. This minimalist approach allows you to let the gift itself (rather than the wrapping) take center stage. In addition, gift recipients can keep the jar to re-use in their own home in any way that is useful to them.

I’m going to show you two ways that I like to use canning jars utilizing the new Ball® Collection Elite Design Series Sharing Jars. First, I’m going to use one to combine the ingredients to make a delicious fall drink using Mocha Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee. Then, I will illustrate how I use them to make gift-worthy food items, like the Spiced Pear Butter I recently made, that are great gifted on their own or as an item in a larger gift basket to friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances alike…. [read more]

Family Pickle Canning — Sharing is Caring

Family Pickle Canning -- Sharing is Caring

This past weekend, my husband and I spent some time with his sister and her son. We attended a local parade featuring our local high school marching band. Our son plays trumpet and this was their first performance of the school year. The weather was cooperative and we found a great spot under a large tree to watch the parade. After the parade, the students headed back to the school to take their yearly group picture.

Since we had some time (and somehow got to talking about the farmer’s market) we headed down the street to peruse the wares being offered by our local farmers. My sister-in-law mentioned that she wanted to can some pickles this year. I have done this before and need to can some for this year since we have used all that I canned from last year. It was decided that we would buy some cucumbers and do it together at my house and invite my mother-in-law to participate, as well.
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