Safe Non-Toxic Cleaner For Humans And Pets

Safe Non-Toxic Cleaner For Humans And Pets --- MomRemedy Everyday Household Cleaner & Stain Remover
Beauty Brite Disclosure

I hate cleaning. But I like a clean home. Oh, the conundrum! As a consumer I am more often looking for a non-toxic cleaner. I am also paying attention to what ingredients are included in the products that I use in my home in search of those that include natural and safe ingredients rather than a long list of unfamiliar sounding chemicals.

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Get A Clean House Without Harsh Chemicals

Get A Clean House Without Harsh Chemicals - Breathe Air-Fueled Aerosol Cleaners

Beauty Brite DisclosureI like a clean house just as much as the next girl. But, some of the cleaners I’ve purchased in the past have had characteristics that really give me pause. Namely, pungent chemical odors and sometimes causing the skin on my hands to become irritated, dry and cracked. To be fair, even without cleaners sometimes the skin on my hands will be really dry and crack, but harsh cleansers definitely exacerbate the issue.

It’s a constant struggle when it comes to purchasing household cleaners for me because I’m always trying new brands of cleaners with many different kinds of ingredients as I fine tune my own personal preferences for such products. I tend to really like certain cleaners over others for their ease of use, ability to clean well, and their scent. That’s why I’m excited to share a new line of products I’ve found, Breatheâ„¢ — the first ever line of household aerosol cleaners that have received certification from the EPA’s Safer Choice Program. [read more]