Home Security Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Home Security Doesn't Have To Be Expensive


Recently my neighborhood has had an influx of crime and a few break-ins. This is terrifying considering I have lived in the same neighborhood now for close to 10 years and crime has never been an issue. I mean, HELLO?!?! We have 2 police officers in our community, isn’t that enough to deter criminals?

Apparently not because last weeks crime spree was right on the end of the street where the 1 of the officers home is located. This has hit too close to home for me and so I began looking at home security systems. WOW. The prices have definitely skyrocketed over the years and I know I can’t afford over $200 a month just for security, let alone the start up fee. The good news is I did not have to fork out that much money for peace of mind. WYZE provides outstanding security while remaining budget friendly.

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Super Sleek (And Easy To Use) Home Monitoring

Panasonic HomeHawkâ„¢ Front Door Home Monitoring CameraBeauty Brite Disclosure


We’ve all seen the awful videos online and heard news reports about people’s packages being stolen right from their front steps. We’ve heard about burglaries while we are away from home at work, school, or on vacation. Also, on the rise are instances of home invasions when one or more family members are in the home, often in the middle of the night while we are sleeping.

In response, many companies are introducing home security products to help provide protection and a sense of security for consumers. The Panasonic HomeHawk™ Front Door Home Monitoring Camera provides plenty of awesome features to help you do just that.

  • – Color recording, even at night
  • – High-definition, weather resistant cameras perfect for outdoor and indoor use
  • – Wide-angle view up to 172 degrees
  • – Built-in, long-life rechargeable battery
  • – 100% wire-free
  • – Exclusive package monitoring mode
  • – Sync up to 15 additional cameras for more home monitoring
  • – Google Home and Amazon Echo compatible

This system is sleek, unobtrusive, and easy to install and manage. I’m not very tech-savvy, those tasks are ones that my husband and son take care of for the family. My husband’s been really busy with work, but my son was happy to play around with the camera units and see what they could do. [read more]