Home Security Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Home Security Doesn't Have To Be Expensive


Recently my neighborhood has had an influx of crime and a few break-ins. This is terrifying considering I have lived in the same neighborhood now for close to 10 years and crime has never been an issue. I mean, HELLO?!?! We have 2 police officers in our community, isn’t that enough to deter criminals?

Apparently not because last weeks crime spree was right on the end of the street where the 1 of the officers home is located. This has hit too close to home for me and so I began looking at home security systems. WOW. The prices have definitely skyrocketed over the years and I know I can’t afford over $200 a month just for security, let alone the start up fee. The good news is I did not have to fork out that much money for peace of mind. WYZE provides outstanding security while remaining budget friendly.

So after the break-ins and seeing on my app Next Door ( a fantastic app by the way that lets you connect with those in your community or live in nearby communities) and hearing how brave the robbers were on last weeks spree, I quickly googled home security and shortly followed by security cameras that didn’t require memberships or monthly fees. Next Door app is free by the way in the apple or google play store. It is useful for many things!


Nextdoor Application for Android


Holy cow! The endless amount of security cameras out there is truly daunting. Is it worth the money, what features does it have that work for me, what are the gimmicks, is it secure with data, etc.  My husband’s checklist was pretty long for requirements when choosing a security camera. Coincidently I was offered to give WYZE a try and for their price, expanding wasn’t an issue at all for us when it came to adding extra cameras to our home.

I will admit that getting WYZE to set up was tricky the first time but that was probably a user error, not a WYZE error. My phone needed to be updated and I always put off updating it until I can’t anymore.


WYZE 1080p Cam Pan With Lamp Lighting


I was originally given the WYZE Cam Pan – which is a 1080p HD pan and tilt camera that can be controlled by your smartphone.  That right, its as simple as opening an app and having access to your camera’s current feed, the ability to skip back to previous footage, and notifications for sound, movement, CO2/Smoke detectors (you do set the notifications up to our own standards/time periods).  You can also use the WYZE app to make your WYZE Cam Pan scan the room so that you can see everything going on with a 360-degree turn radius. I do have to admit the WYZE Cam Pan does make a noticeable noise when it is being used to scan the room but to me its worth it.  I hope it will be for you as well.

WYZE also offers a 1080p camera that just stays in one spot (no panning) but can be installed in several different ways to accommodate tricky locations. We ordered this camera as well so that we could set it up at our front and rear door

  • WYZE cameras are also Alexa compatible which is another win for me actually because I have recently become obsessed with all the things Alexa can do, but that’s beside the point.
  • WYZE Cameras also have night vision so you can easily see your location at night as well!
  • The WYZE 1080p cameras also hold up to a 32GB mini sd card which will hold approximately 14 days worth of continuous video. WYZE also offers 7 days worth of free cloud storage which holds clips of 10-second intervals from the time of which you are alerted of activity. I did have a problem getting my alert clips to upload to this cloud storage and customer service was extremely spotty when it came to finding a solution. This was really the only negative thing I have to say about the cameras.

The WYZE Cam Pan camera, as well as the stationary WYZE 1080p Camera, can be found on Amazon.


WYZE 1080p Cam Pan With Lamp Lighting

This is imaging from the WYZE Cam Pan with just regular lamp lighting.


WYZE 1080p Cam Pan Night Vision

This is WYZE 1080p Cam Pan with Night vision.


WYZE Cameras are so great, I would definitely even recommend them in place of a baby monitor. They have a walkie talkie feature so you can speak through the camera to whoever is near by, they have excellent night and day vision with pretty clear imaging, and they are cheaper than most baby monitors on the market these days. I also like that you can access the app and watch Live Feed of your home whenever you want.


What home security set up do you have or what would you recommend to make my home even safer?

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