Home Security Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Home Security Doesn't Have To Be Expensive


Recently my neighborhood has had an influx of crime and a few break-ins. This is terrifying considering I have lived in the same neighborhood now for close to 10 years and crime has never been an issue. I mean, HELLO?!?! We have 2 police officers in our community, isn’t that enough to deter criminals?

Apparently not because last weeks crime spree was right on the end of the street where the 1 of the officers home is located. This has hit too close to home for me and so I began looking at home security systems. WOW. The prices have definitely skyrocketed over the years and I know I can’t afford over $200 a month just for security, let alone the start up fee. The good news is I did not have to fork out that much money for peace of mind. WYZE provides outstanding security while remaining budget friendly.

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