Super Sleek (And Easy To Use) Home Monitoring

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We’ve all seen the awful videos online and heard news reports about people’s packages being stolen right from their front steps. We’ve heard about burglaries while we are away from home at work, school, or on vacation. Also, on the rise are instances of home invasions when one or more family members are in the home, often in the middle of the night while we are sleeping.

In response, many companies are introducing home security products to help provide protection and a sense of security for consumers. The Panasonic HomeHawk™ Front Door Home Monitoring Camera provides plenty of awesome features to help you do just that.

  • – Color recording, even at night
  • – High-definition, weather resistant cameras perfect for outdoor and indoor use
  • – Wide-angle view up to 172 degrees
  • – Built-in, long-life rechargeable battery
  • – 100% wire-free
  • – Exclusive package monitoring mode
  • – Sync up to 15 additional cameras for more home monitoring
  • – Google Home and Amazon Echo compatible

This system is sleek, unobtrusive, and easy to install and manage. I’m not very tech-savvy, those tasks are ones that my husband and son take care of for the family. My husband’s been really busy with work, but my son was happy to play around with the camera units and see what they could do.

Panasonic HomeHawkâ„¢ Front Door Home Monitoring Camera

The KX-HN7001W model includes 1 front door HD camera and wireless access point base to ensure that your home is fully protected when you are away.

My son was able to get them going and download the Panasonic HomeHawk phone app and get it all set up and ready to use in no time at all. I can get alerts and watch live video right on my smartphone when the motion sensors detect movement and be able to see if anyone approaches my home at any time of the day or night.

Panasonic HomeHawkâ„¢ Front Door Home Monitoring Camera

Panasonic HomeHawkâ„¢ Front Door Home Monitoring Camera

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There are no pesky wires to try to hide or plug in with the cameras, either, as the unit has a long-life rechargeable battery. The unit can be installed absolutely anywhere with the wall mount that is included.

A 4GB Micro SD card can be inserted in a base unit that can be tucked away inside your home anywhere you want it to be. It can record and keep video of anything that triggers its infrared and motion sensors — up to about nine hours worth of footage. The base unit does have an adapter to be plugged in as well as ethernet cable and a USB cable for connectivity and recording.

The images are really clear and, honestly I’m impressed! Some cameras, especially those that record with night vision can look really grainy and unclear and make it difficult to see details in the images. But the Panasonic HomeHawk camera has the ability to record color video (even at night!). And with the wide-angle view you can see all around, not just a small, limited area.

It boasts a two-way talk feature that you can use to talk with anyone who approaches your home using your mobile device and the microphone and speaker on the camera unit. It can also be set to deliver an automated message that plays when anyone approaches the camera, too. Check out the video to see what’s so great about this system, for yourself!



I especially like the fact that you can get other cameras (up to sixteen of them!) and connect them all to the same system to monitor other areas inside as well as outside your home. The cameras are weather-resistant and use wireless connectivity and rechargeable batteries.

I know, ugh, rechargeable batteries. I hear you! But, check it out, these are long-life rechargeable batteries — they will last for approximately three months before needing to be charged again. It’s all just so seamless and well thought out, in my opinion.

Panasonic HomeHawkâ„¢ Front Door Home Monitoring Camera

Another truly wonderful feature, you can use your Amazon Echo Show or Amazon Fire TV and integrated Alexa voice assist to give a voice command like, “Alexa, show me the front door camera,” and you can see who’s at your door without even opening it or peeking out a window. Pretty cool!

Of course the men in my home are about the same as many others, they tend to shun operation and installation manuals. They much prefer a one-sheet Quick Start Guide, if available. They used the one that came with these cameras to complete the set-up process.

But, I did scan through the whole manual booklet which, in addition to identifying all the parts and their functions, gives lots of other helpful information such as advice for choosing the best location to install the unit, as well as how to pay attention to the environment, lighting, natural weather patterns and other things to make sure you don’t get false motion sensor triggering and will be able to see the selected area well.

I found it very helpful for these tips and advice to be included, even though they aren’t essential to operation of the camera itself, because many people might not have thought of these things. It makes it even easier to choose where to install it and not have to move it later to a better position due to false motion triggers. Very smart!

I mean, the whole package is just so beautiful, highly functional, and thoughtfully designed. Honestly, even though we’ve only had it a very short time, I haven’t found anything yet that I haven’t liked about the product. Panasonic is a trusted brand that has been around for years, so I feel like I can trust that this product will work and provide the security they claim it will.

Panasonic HomeHawkâ„¢ Front Door Home Monitoring Camera


In short, here’s what I like about it:

  • – Nothing is over-sized. The base unit and the camera with installation accessories is all slim and sleek. And there aren’t a thousand cords, wires, or other confusing pieces to try to sort out how to use.
  • – Installation and set-up is a breeze! Using either the Quick Start Guide or the entire manual, it totally walks you through the entire process from unpackaging to downloading the app and setting up alert notifications. I really didn’t feel like anything was left out or unexplained.
  • – It has a lot of really great features to get a complete picture of what’s going on at your home and gives you a real sense of security and peace of mind.


Panasonic HomeHawkâ„¢ Front Door Home Monitoring CameraPanasonic HomeHawkâ„¢ Front Door Home Monitoring Camera


You can purchase the system for your home at Panasonic or on Amazon.

Do you have a home monitoring system already or are you in the market to purchase one? What features of the Panasonic HomeHawkâ„¢ Front Door Camera monitoring system top your list of must-haves?


Super Sleek (And Easy To Use) Home Monitoring

Super Sleek (And Easy To Use) Home Monitoring

Super Sleek (And Easy To Use) Home Monitoring Super Sleek (And Easy To Use) Home Monitoring Super Sleek (And Easy To Use) Home Monitoring


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