Support Where You Need It Most

Support Where You Need It Most
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I’m a mom of four, and a full time store manager; so I need all the support I can get when it comes to working long days and spending so much time on my feet. Keep reading to see some of the great products I’ve found that give me the much-needed support when I need it the most.

A little over four years ago I was in a car accident that came really close to killing me. I broke three out of four limbs, and spent 6 months in a wheelchair and learning to re-walk after my heel was left shattered. You can learn more about my accident by clicking here. Meaning I now have alot of struggles finding the correct footwear and being able to be on my feet all day. Unfortunately, as a store manager that is exactly what I have to do, so I look for items that can help and that is where I have found some amazing insoles to give me that support.


Align Med is leading the change when it comes to apparel that gives you the support you need. It was truly a game-changer when I found their Full Range Insoles. These gel channeling insoles are so different from other insoles I’ve used before. When you walk you can feel the cushion, and where most other insoles are bulky these are only 1mm thick and you hardly know they are there. One of the key benefits of these insoles are that they help to increase your circulation in your feet. Which after my foot had been completely reconstructed I need all the help I can get with that. I think my favorite part of these full-range insoles is that I can even wear them with flip-flops!

Full Range Insoles

My next favorite product by Align Med is their Posture Sports Bra. It doesn’t matter if your lifting boxes at work or lugging my kids around my back is always taking the brunt of the stress. This sports bra has made a world of difference. You can see the change in posture from just a regular bra. I’m no longer in pain when I come home from the end of the day. I love the fact that the bra has wide shoulder straps, I don’t have to worry about it digging into my shoulders. This bra comes in four different colors and is front closing making it so much easier to put on. You can see the amazing results side by side. ( The awesome Posture Sports Bra on the right ) Look how much better my back is aligned.

Posture Sports Bra

If you are interested in finding the perfect items to add to your closet to help with all your support needs be sure to check out Align Med’s website, Facebook, and Instagram. I’m so thankful for the difference these products have made in my daily life.

Where do you find you need more support in your daily life?


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