Stylish Way To Keep Track Of Your Keys

Stylish Way To Keep Track Of Your Keys - Finders Key Purse

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I am forever losing my keys inside my handbag. There’s nothing I hate more in this world than having an armload full of stuff when I walk out the door and having to stop and put all of it down to dig through my purse to find my stupid car keys. So … annoying!!!

Alexx, Inc. has given me the perfect fix for this problem with their Finders Key Purse®. It’s an ingenious idea for busy moms or anyone else who is always on the go, go, go and doesn’t have time to search for keys all the time.

What I love best about this product is that it hits three “key” points that are very important to me when looking for an item to meet a need in my life. They are fashionable, functional, and most of all affordable. Trust me, once you try one of these handy little doo-hickeys, you will wonder how you ever functioned without it!

Finders Key Purse

No matter what your preference is for colors or designs, you will be able to find one that you love or that speaks to something in your soul. Personally, one of my favorite colors is turquoise and when looking at the company’s website at the designs available, my eye kept going back to this one. So beautiful!

Finders Key Purse

No more digging through my handbag searching for those elusive car keys that always seem to gravitate to the very bottom defying my attempts to locate them without digging through all sorts of useless junk first. I’m too busy for that when I’m trying to get out the door and on with my day which includes having to get the kids to school activities and appointments, run errands, and all the other various places that I find myself needing to go.

Finders Key Purse

Now grabbing my keys on the way out the door is no longer an aggravating thing to me because I know exactly where they are all the time and can just pluck them up and go at a moment’s notice.

My oldest daughter struggles with this issue also, she’s always grumbling about how she can never find her keys in her big old hobo handbag. Her purse isn’t like mine, with stiff and stable sides, but she can still hook one of these Finders Key Purse® accessories at the juncture where her zipper closes or through one of the large metal rings that attach the straps to the purse. If you’re not a purse carrying kind of person, you could even slip the hooked end of this product through a belt loop, a pocket, or on the waistband of your pants.

Finders Key Purse

This will also be great for use with gym bags, backpacks, beach bags, and totes of all sorts. Here are a few of the many designs that you will find at their website.

Finders Key Purse

I’ve often compared my handbag to Mary Poppin’s carpet bag. You know the one where she removes all sorts of stuff from it in the movie, even a floor lamp. I have no idea how I end up with so much stuff in my purse, it’s a complete mystery to me.

I’m going to be gifting these to my mom and mother-in-law for Mother’s Day this year. And I’ll give the last one to my daughter, just because.

My mom is just like me, her purse always tends to get full of various junk and she hates looking for her keys, too. Once, I went to her home to take her out to town and she was freaking out because she couldn’t find her keys. She was sure she’d put them in her purse but couldn’t find them in it. She dug through drawers and jackets, looked on counters and in side table drawers. Finally, I suggested taking things out of her purse in case they were hiding, and of course, they were! She’s gonna love this!

Now I just have to decide which of these pretty accessories I’m going to give to which lucky lady!

Alexx, Inc. also offers items for the guy in your life as well as pepper spray and panic alarms (among other cute items) that you can attach to your Finders Key Purse®, too. In addition to the dozens of fun designs, they offer you can also choose one with Swarovski crystals or even get one that’s monogrammed with an initial.

Don’t just take my word for how great the Finders Key Purse® is, though. Gayle King featured them in her section of Oprah Magazine and it’s been featured on Steve Harvey, MORE Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, and Good Housekeeping to name a few.

Check out their website and let me know if this is something you could use to simplify your life. Which design is your favorite?


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  1. This is an amazing gift idea for my mom! She’s constantly digging around for her keys!

  2. Hannah C says

    I love this and I think my mom would really benefit from it! She is always losing her keys!

  3. bethelderton says

    Love this! Almost like jewelry for the handbags…and keeps keys handy, too.
    Mary Beth Elderton

  4. I need one of these, this is a great idea wish I invented it.

  5. This is something my daughter and I both need. So handy.

  6. Wow these are a super idea, what a cool gift for us ladies as well

  7. Jennifer Smith says

    Great idea as I always lose my keys in my purse

  8. ElizabethJKG says

    I’m afraid these would fall out of my purse & I don’t have a way to hand this over the edge. I zip my purse shut or flap/snap it shut. What I need is a keep fob beeper. I clump all my keys together & the weight is bad for the car ignition, so I’ve been advice to separate them & that can lead to loosing them.

  9. Kambrea says

    I like the idea, but I’m afraid they would fall out or be easily stolen. Side note..I wish they made something for men. My husband is constantly losing his stuff.

  10. Darcy L Koch says

    I would be afraid tyo use one. What if someone was able to reach in and take my keys?

  11. kristamiller5425 says

    This would save me so much time.

  12. mary loveland says

    I love the designs and helps manage keys a plus.

  13. tat2gurlzrock says

    Those are so cute. I think they would make a good gift.

  14. denise low says

    This is really a cute idea. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Melissa Storms says

    This is a very clever product, simple yet so useful I really like the tree design.

  16. karley moore says

    These are super cute. I always lose my keys.

  17. Anita Duvall says

    This is such a great idea. I must have one.

  18. Well,I don’t carry a purse so guess I’ll need to keep looking for my keys. This would make a great gift for my sister though.

  19. Barrie says

    This is a great gift idea! I know my mom, at least, could use one!

  20. It’s a creative way to keep track of keys, but not very safe. I would hate to have someone reach in and grab the keys. Keep a purse close 🙂

  21. Lisa Brown says

    Great idea — very clever!

  22. tat2gurlzrock says

    These are really cute and would make a good gift. I really like the sun/moon one.

  23. gloria patterson says

    I really like this……………. I have made my own system something like this but not as pretty

  24. Terry says

    I have never heard of or have seen these key finders before. They are very stylish but more so very handy for busy women who don’t have time to dig in their purses.

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