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Stay Connected In Style - Stylaga Sunglasses and Over The Ear Earbuds
Beauty Brite Disclosure

Summer style is all over the place. Just look around, it’s a hot topic on social media with all the cute clothes and sandals and on travel sites advertising vacation destinations. I’m currently awaiting my next Stitch Fix box with clothing and accessories chosen by a personal stylist. It’ll be here just in time to choose some cute new stuff to take on our beach vacation next month. I’ve been a Stitch Fix customer for over a year and have my shipments set up to come every other month. I love it because I hate shopping and trying on clothes in some dinky fitting room. I love having stuff sent to me to try on in my own home. It’s really exciting! But, I digress…

Stylish Sunnies

Tech is not to be left out of the summer style frenzy. Check out these super cute summer items from Stylaga! Sunglasses are must haves for me year round as I tend to get headaches (that occasionally turn into migraines) when I’m outside from the glare of the sun. And how totally cool that Stylaga offers not only trendy sunglasses, but also a matching over the ear earbud to make us stand out from the crowd?

Stay Connected In Style - Stylaga Sunglasses and Over the Ear Earbud

The Naomi Jewelshades Sunglasses feature Genuine Swarovski Crystals and a large 18 mm frame and are available in several eye catching colors. The nose pieces are adjustable for individualized comfort, which is a feature I absolutely find to be essential for sunglasses. I don’t like those that are just molded plastic that you can’t adjust to fit the shape of your nose. The sunglasses also include a very nice, sturdy carrying case to store them in while not using them to prevent the lenses from getting scratched.

Stylish Earbuds

The Becca Bluetooth JewelCurve over the ear earbud is honestly the best-fitting earbud of this type that I’ve tried so far. It fits comfortably inside the ear, and has great sound quality. I was concerned that the part that goes around the outer area of the ear and secures it to your head wouldn’t work for me, but I was delighted to find that it slid right on and totally made the earbud feel very secure. I didn’t have to fiddle with it in the least to make it fit. It’s like it was custom-made for my ear. So satisfying!

Easy to connect

The earbud was easy to connect to my phone and effortless to operate. It features a Swarovski Crystal to match the sunglasses and, of course, since it’s wireless it includes a USB charging cord. Same as the sunglasses, the earbud comes with its own sturdy carrying case for storing it when not in use. It even includes a carabiner for attaching the case to a tote bag or belt loop or anywhere else you can think of that’s convenient to grab when you need it.

And, most importantly, the earbud does not interfere with the earpiece of the sunglasses fitting comfortably on the ear … at all. They totally work in concert with each other effortlessly. They’re both so light that I pretty much felt like they became a part of me while wearing them. Sometimes, heavier accessories such as these can move around, not stay put, and just be a bit annoying to wear. Not these. They are perfect! You can purchase the sunglasses and earbuds set and be totally styling.

Stay Connected In Style - Stylaga Sunglasses and Over the Ear Earbud

Be hip at any age

I wish I was more cool. I don’t think I’m un-cool, per se. But, I’m definitely not as hip as I was when I was younger. Here’s the earbud on me. My ears are definitely not as cute as they used to be.

I like the earbud. It’s really pretty and it fits my ear really well. It stays put and doesn’t feel like it’s about to fall off all the time, which was something I was worried about. Personally, though, I’m looking for a set of bluetooth earbuds because I listen to music, audiobooks, and talk on the phone a lot (often at the same time that my husband is doing something else that has sound he needs to hear). So, the single earbud isn’t for me.

But, my daughters totally LOVE stylish accessories like this so I decided to gift the sunglasses and earbud to my youngest. She was surprised and delighted. Again, we’re going on vacation soon, and now she has some super cool new poolside accessories to show off. It’s a win-win, because surprising her with something she thinks is really cool makes a mama feel so good! 

And, come on, are you gonna sit here and look at this face and tell me she doesn’t look cute? That little grin, too. She was trying hard not to have a goofy grin on her face for the picture. I wish I looked as cool as she does. When did my children become cooler than their mom?! No!!! LOL

Check out Stylaga to see all the fashionable accessory options they have to offer and snag whichever one suits your personal style. See how we added bling to our look with our earbuds!

Which Stylaga item is your favorite?

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  1. Nerlande says

    These sunglasses are so cute

  2. Barrie says

    Wow…those are large sunglasses! i had no idea that Stitch Fix had these as a choice!

    • Wendy says

      These items are from Stylaga (not Stitch Fix). But, I love Stitch Fix! I’ve been getting boxes from them for a couple of years now (about every 2-3 months) and their ability to choose items that I like and fit me well just gets better and better!! 🙂

  3. Kelly Kimmell says

    This seems like a good idea. I think they’d feel a bit bulky for me.

  4. Steve says

    Might have to get these for my gf. it fits her style

  5. Dana Rodriguez says

    I can’t see myself wearing these but they are cool. I like the Becca Bluetooth JewelCurve (Rose Gold)

  6. Melissa Storms says

    These are really neat. I like that they are so fashionable while being so useful.

  7. Darlene Carbajal says


  8. Dawn Jozwiak says

    Those are some giant sun glasses!

  9. Jessica Walker says

    These are great!

  10. My daughter would love these.

  11. Carolsue says

    Big sunglasses! They would be so fun to wear!

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