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I LOVE FOOD! Experimenting in the kitchen is my jam & the one thing I can not get enough of are spices! Choosing or creating the right spice blend can make a dish shine. I love spices that are packed with flavor and herbs that you can actually see, especially aromatic blends that set the scene for flavor town.

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Spice blends are my go-to’s, especially for my meat prep. It takes the guess work out of matching which herbs will go best with which spices. I was able to try some incredible spice blends from Pinch Spice Market and they were a hit with my entire family! Especially with my youngest son who is a budding food coinsure. Here were some of our favorites!

Garlic Lovers Unite

I LOVE garlic. So it’s no surprise that this is my absolute favorite spice blend from Pinch Spice Market. Buffy’s Slayer Helper is spicy, savory and salty and goes with almost anything. I have even added Buffy’s Slayer Helper on my eggs and pizza. The blend has a fresh garlic taste that gives it a spicy heat along with herbaceous basil and parsley.

Buffy’s Slayer Helper is now a ‘table spice’ in my home since my whole family loves it. It can be used to top off just about any dish and has earned a permanent home in my spice cabinet.

Giving Veggies Life

I usually buy McCormick’s Salad Supreme, but it has been officially retired and replaced with Pinch Spice Market’s Veggie Sprinkle. It has the right amount of lemon and garlic flavor that goes great on roasted veggies. I have even been using the Veggie Sprinkle on top of my salads for an extra tasty kick. I can not wait to try it out on soups and chicken!


Many of the fish spice blends I have tried aren’t the greatest. Grilling Nemo is not your basic fish seasoning. The garlic and tarragon really stood out and is much tastier than our usual ‘Lemon Pepper‘ seasoning. I made a quick marinade with a 2 tbsp. of oil, 2 tbsp. vinegar, 1/4 cup of water and about 2 tbsp. of Grilling Nemo. The cod was INCREDIBLE! Other spices in the Grilling Nemo are salt, pepper , ginger and herbs de provence.

Finger Lickin’ Good

We tried Finger Lickin’ Chicken on chicken drumsticks and it was so yummy! I made a quick marinade for the chicken and let it rest over night in the fridge. My kids practically inhaled every single piece! It’s comparable if not better to Lawry’s Chicken Seasoning. It has a salty, savory taste along with herbaceous flavors of thyme, rosemary and sage.

Hello spice! Personally I am not the biggest fan of heat when it comes to spice. I can handle as high as MILD buffalo wings. The Piri Piri was up my husbands alley. Piri Piri is definitely for heat lovers since it’s EXTRA hot! This made an amazing dry rub for spicy hot wings during Super Bowl. It has a blend of garlic, onion, different peppers, mustard and aleppo. Do not go too heavy handed with Piri Piri, a light sprinkle is all you need for your heat fix.

Got Beef

The Sizzling Steak is the seasoning that my youngest son swears by! We usually buy McCormick’s Montreal Steak Seasoning, but it has to be replaced with Pinch Spice Market’s Sizzling Steak. My son even said ‘Mommy don’t ever buy that other stuff again!’ It has a tasty pepper and salt blend, but not as peppery as McCormicks. The garlic, oregano, and chili flakes are perfectly balanced and not spicy at all! The Sizzling Steak even tastes amazing on eggs!

Hogging It All

The Memphis Rib Rub is a staple for summer BBQ’s. It’s sweet and savory and goes well with pork and beef. The sweet smell of the brown sugar really stands out. I love the blended flavors of garlic, ginger, and mustard. If you know a BBQ lover, the Memphis Rib Rub would be an appreciated gift.

The name says it all, sweet and sassy! The Sweet and Sassy Pork is delicious with pork ribs and chops; it was like they were made for each other. It has a salty smoky favor that would be perfect for grilling. It’s not spicy, but rather has a sweeter yet savory taste. I made parmesan crusted pork chops with Sweet and Sassy Pork and it was by far the BEST I’ve ever had!

How will you spice it up in the kitchen?

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