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Sebamed Skincare

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My family and I have dry skin.  My son has suffered from eczema since he was an infant.   I always use lotion on his body right after his bath.  When I heard about Sebamed Skincare, I was intrigued.  I am so excited to receive Sebamed Liquid Face and Body Wash, Moisturizing Body Lotion and Cleansing Bar for my family for the purpose of this review.  Recently, my husband has been complaining about dry and itchy skin and now has eczema spots all over his body.  Can Sebamed Skincare save the day?

Sebamed is pH balanced for healthy skin.  It contains high-quality active ingredients which cleanse and nourish without destroying the natural acid protection mantle.  With more than 150 scientific studies to support the brand’s formulations, Sebamed has proven high effectiveness and very good skin compatibility and confirmed skin care competence for sensitive and problematic skin. By using Sebamed skincare, everyone can feel beautiful and confident in their skin.

I have reserved Sebamed for my husband and son, since they have dry and itchy skin.  Since my husband started using Sebamed Moisturizing Body Lotion, his skin is no longer itching.  He said his skin feels better too.

I also have him use the Liquid Face and Body Wash because it is mild and gentle on his skin.  The Liquid Face and Body Wash cleanses his skin without drying him out.   Every time he would wash his face, he would be left with dry flakes all over his face.  We’ve tried other brands of face moisturizer for men with no luck.  The Liquid Face and Body Wash does not dry out his skin and no longer has dry flakey skin.

I also like using the Cleansing Bar or the body wash on my son’s skin.  He loves using the soap when he’s taking a bath.  Both products are gentle on his skin, yet clean him at the same time.

I am very pleased with Sebamed.  My guys don’t mind using it because there is no scent, just clean healthy skin.

You can find Sebamed on Amazon and CVS stores nationwide.

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  1. lisa says

    I should try that. I have very dry skin that’s sensitive. Most lotions tend to have a medicinal smell to them.

  2. Kamaya says

    I’ll have to look into this product. My husband suffers from dry skin and his skin is sensitive to dyes/perfumes. Can these products be used on your scalp also? Thank you for the review.

  3. Michaela Maningas says

    Opposite for me. I have oily skin.

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