Refresh Your Beauty With A Clean Routine

Refresh Your Beauty With A Clean RoutineBeauty Brite Disclosure

I am always on the hunt for beauty products that I can feel confident using. I am very aware of what I put on my skin and always look at the ingredients. These days, I can be picky with what brands and products to try! I prefer natural, organic, cruelty-free, and even vegan if possible.

Are you looking to refresh your beauty with a clean routine? We have a few products to share with you!

Bodyography Foundation Primer

I know how important it is to start with a primer before applying makeup, however, I don’t always use it. Since I started using the Bodyography’s Foundation Primer, I have noticed a huge difference in my makeup application and staying power.

First and foremost, the Foundation Primer is truly weightless and feels so silky and soft on my skin. I’ve noticed how much easier it is to apply my powder foundation (I use a name brand mineral makeup foundation and veil). Not only does my makeup stay on all day but my eyeshadow lasts just as long! I’ve also noticed a lot less creasing of my eyeshadow!

Get ready to refresh your beauty with a clean routine!  It’s easy to get started!

Bodyography products

I am working towards simplifying my makeup routine. I used to use strictly mineral makeup and that can be a hassle with the way they are packaged. These days, I look for eye palettes and eyeshadow compacts, which are easier for me to know what colors to use.

Duo Expression Eye Shadow Plum Passion and Cemented

I chose the Duo Expression Eye Shadow in Plum Passion and Cemented. I love wearing purple, silver, and grey shades! The Duo Expression Eye Shadow in Plum Passion is perfect to wear when I want that pop of color. The Duo Expression Eye Shadow in Cemented is great for the subtle or everyday look. Both compacts can applied wet (foiled) or dry. I prefer to apply wet for a bold look.

The Duo Expression Eye Shadows make it super quick and easy when choosing a look. The colors complement each other! No more guessing which colors I should wear, especially when I am in a hurry to get ready.

Trio Expression Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes

I am always looking for eyeshadows that enhance and complement my brown eyes. I tend to stick with the same type of shades because they seem to work for my skin tone and eye color. I am excited to use the Trio Expression Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes. This eye compact makes it easy and versatile to use any or all of the colors for my eyes as a shadow or eyeliner. I can also use the colors as a blush or bronzer.

The Trio Expression Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes contains a matte, metallic, and shimmer shadow! Using all 3 colors is so easy too! The blend so well. I can apply wet or dry.

Facial Mask Chocolatier’s Gift

I love to relax with a face mask. The Facial Mask Chocolatier’s Gift is a bit messy to mix and apply but it is so worth the hassle! I add equal parts of the powder and water in a small bowl and mix with my fingers. I then apply to my face in a thick layer!

I use the mask one to two times a week and leave on for about 15 minutes. I like to treat myself to spa time with a deep hair conditioning mask and a face mask! It truly is a treat to take time for myself.

What does your skincare routine include? Refresh your beauty with a clean routine!

Facial Serum

I like to use simple skincare products. I’ve tried many facial serums in the past. After using the Facial Serum from Thesis Beauty, I am truly hooked! The serum is so gentle and feels so silky going on my skin. It seems to absorb quickly and feel so hydrating.

The facial serum is perfect to use under my makeup without leaving a greasy residue! It is important to allow the serum to absorb for about 3 minutes. After that, I then continue on with my skincare and makeup routine.

Body Cream Unscented

I honestly had no idea what to expect with the Body Cream Unscented. I thought it would be a thick cream but it literally melts in your hands as it consists of raw shea butter that is buttery soft.

I use the Body Cream Unscented all over with the exception of my face (I have plenty of products I use on my face already). The body cream is gentle and so moisturizing on the skin. I also apply the cream on my son’s skin and face.

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Are you ready to clean up your routine? Refresh your beauty with a clean routine! Tell us what products you want to try!

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  1. Margaret S Porter says

    The body cream looks wonderful. As I age my skin gets dryer and dryer

  2. gloria patterson says

    These products sound really good I really love the primer. And the mask love trying different mask, and don’t really mind having to mix and apply

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