Redecorating Your Living Space

Redecorating Your Living Space

Beauty Brite Disclosure

My son and I will be moving in about a month. I originally wanted to wait until after the school year was over but this has been a long time coming and I am finally ready for a change. Long story short, I am moving back home with my parents. It’s the right time for so many reasons.

Rowland Light Blocking Curtain Panels Closed

Since we are moving, I am doing my best to help my parents prepare and redecorate at the same time. I am so thrilled they could update their curtains with the Rowland Light Blocking Curtain Panels from Target. My parents chose blue. They received enough panels for two of their windows for their home.  One of the rooms with these new curtain panels is the room my son and I will be moving into.

Rowland Light Blocking Curtain Panels Open

Please note, when purchasing the Rowland Light Blocking Curtain Panels, you will need two for each window. They are sold as one panel, so you will need to purchase two packages!

Buffy comforter softness

I also wanted a new comforter. I was sent a queen size Buffy comforter in crisp white! The comforter arrived in a reusable canvas bag with a handy shoulder strap!

I am so excited for the opportunity to try Buffy, the eucalyptus and mineral-infused comforter!

A Buffy comforter is cruelty-free, made from a blend of eucalyptus and volcanic ash. It’s 100 percent hypoallergenic, and resistant to damp-related mold, mildew and mites.

Buffy comforter

The Buffy comforter keeps me cool at night. There is nothing worse than waking up because I’m sweating under my heavy comforter! Not with Buffy! It is lightweight and keeps me warm without sweating!

Buffy comforter side view

The Buffy comforter is super soft and lightweight. I love that it is so fluffy! I look forward to going to bed just so I can snuggle under the Buffy!  Mornings are the worst because it means I have to get out of bed and leave the comfort of the Buffy!

Caring for the Buffy is easy.  While it is recommended to dry clean, I wash it in cold water on the gentle cycle.

Before being introduced to the Buffy, I had no idea there were cruelty-free options!  If you consider Buffy’s price point, they are competitive with comforters you find in the departments.  When you choose a Buffy, you are choosing natural, high quality, hypoallergenic and more!

T-fal Ingenious Dry Storage Set

I was sent the T-fal Ingenious Dry Storage Set to help stay organized in the kitchen or anywhere around the home! Since we are moving in with my parents, I knew we could always use storage containers to store our food! My parents have always bought in bulk, so this will come in handy!

T-fal Ingenious Dry Storage Set options

For now, I am able to use each piece for my current kitchen! The containers are easy to use, clean and space saving! I love that they have an airtight seal to keep our food fresh!

The containers are high quality. The lids are easy to unlock and lock into place. No worrying about pinching fingers! Any of the pieces of the T-fal Ingenious Dry Storage Set can be used to store other items besides food. If you have craft supplies, office supplies or even tea — you can easily store what you need in each container!

T-fal Ingenious Dry Storage Set inside look

My son love spaghetti and the tallest container is perfect to store the pasta! The different sizes allow us to choose what we want to store!

Tell us how you would use the T-fal Ingenious Dry Storage Set!

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You can connect with Buffy on their website.

You can connect with T-fal on their website and Amazon.


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  1. Great advice and tips we are going to be moving we are buying a house so I’m the same way need new things lol

  2. Darcy L Koch says

    I especially like the see through storage containers. Makes it so much easier finding what you’re looking for.

  3. i appreciate your tips on bringing back the glam in the kitchen and bathroom . i love those containers because they come in so many different sizes to hold different things.

  4. Jay Jackson says

    Thanks for the tips.

  5. I would use them for food storage, too. I also buy a lot of bulk food, so I have many storage containers – there can never be too many. Lol.

  6. I love these see through storage containers. I’ve used Tupperware for years and they were on their last legs, so I recently updated all my pantry containers to these. Best decision ever.

  7. Thank you for sharing. We will be redecorating our 2 bedrooms this spring. We will be painting and new bedspread and curtains.

  8. I love the pasta storage container. I defiantly would cook more pasta if I had that container sitting on the counter because it would be a reminder of an easy meal to make!

  9. Judith Watson says

    Would love to have the Buffy comforter.

  10. That comforter looks soooo comfy!

  11. gloria patterson says

    I had pantry moths once and that was once to many. Today any thing that comes in my home comes out of the original package and goes in a sealed container.

  12. I want that comforter!

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