Protecting Your Eyes Indoors And Out

Living in Northern California, my son and I always wear our sunglasses when it’s bright outside or the sun is out! My son and I recently started walking at the park again. Having a good pair of sunglasses comes in handy. We show you how protecting your eyes indoors and out is important! 

Protecting Your Eyes Indoors And Out
Beauty Brite Disclosure

I am so grateful I found Peepers! Their frames are so cute and stylish! I was lucky enough to receive their blue light blocking glasses a couple of years ago, I still use them to this day! I also received their sunglasses that my son and I both use! 

If you haven’t discovered Peepers, you are missing out. They are my favorite “go to” site for frames! 

Protecting your eyes outdoors

Peepers Frontier Black

I chose the Frontier Black for my son! I love how stylish they are. My son already has the Bayfront Sunglasses and they are his favorite. 

When it comes to my son, he can be so rough and destructive, which is why we take great care of our sunglasses. Our sunglasses are always kept in their case when not in use. 

Peepers Frontier Black upright

I love the overall look of the Frontier Black! I can tell they are well made, quality products. I also appreciate the lenses offer UVB/UVA protection! 

Peepers Caliente and Rio

For myself, I received Caliente in Black and Rio in Tortoise. 

I love Caliente not only for the cute bling on the sides, but it is also one of Oprah’s Favorite Things! 

I originally didn’t choose Rio but I am so happy to receive it! I love the sassy cat eye look! 

I am so excited to add both Caliente and Rio to my collection. I love both styles and can easily wear them when I feel amazing! 

Protecting your eyes indoors

I love my blue light blocking glasses from Peepers! They were so generous and sent me my favorite ones. They are colorful and beautiful!

Peepers Meadow and Relic

This time around, I chose Meadow in Tortoise/Floral and Relic in Pink Quartz because they are so feminine and sweet looking! Not only are the colors adorable but the frames are lightweight! 

I had LASIK eye surgery back in 2006 because I disliked having to wear glasses. Since then, I’ve only worn sunglasses when needed. Now that I wear blue light blocking glasses, I prefer lightweight frames! 

I am so impressed with my blue light blocking frames. If they came in sunglasses, I’d wear those too! I cannot get enough of them! 

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