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5 Easy Steps to Protect Your Vision

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Does your job require you to work in front of a computer for long hours in a day? Do you notice your eyes feeling tired or even dry and itchy? It is not the greatest feeling in the world, but we usually over look it thinking ‘It’s nothing’.

But is it really just ‘nothing’?

What we are failing to realize is that we may be doing some serious damage to our eyes that can affect our vision in the long run. Our vision is very precious, and it is something that we really need to take care of . Making some minor adjustments to our workspace and investing in protection for our eyes can really make a huge difference in our eye health and work performance.

Here are 5 easy ways to keep our eyes healthy.



Our workstations can be overwhelmed with things to do, projects and office supplies. Yet the one thing we can do our best to control is our level of comfort while working.

One of the easiest things to do is set a distance between your eyes and your screen. I often struggle with this myself, but I have noticed when the screen is too close or far, I tend to strain and squint my eyes more often. This leads to my eyes feeling heavy and dry.

Eye health professionals and researchers recommend you have your screen at least 2 feet (24 inches) away from your eyes. It is also recommended to keep your screen at eye level as well. So take a moment to make the proper adjustments to reduce the stress on your vision.

A second way to help with your comfort level is to adjust and play around with your computer settings. Adjust the brightness level to an appropriate comfort that your eyes can easily handle. This can take some trial and error, but you can eventually find a brightness or dimness that your eyes will be happy with.

A third and final way to help is to reduce the amount of glare on your screen. This may mean adjusting your blinds or lighting around your workstation in order to help reduce that glare.

Protection Lenses

A selection of styish Blue Light Blocking Glasses from Umizato range from $20-$100 USD

This may be one of the best investments one can make if you work in front of computer daily for long periods of time. Blue light blocking glasses like these from Umizato are a must have! The purpose of these glasses is to block the blue & UV light that emits from your computer screen.

This helps with the fatigue, double vision and even headaches you may experience when working with computers for over a long period of time. Many of the research articles state that the digital eye strain caused from the over exposure of blue light emitted from your screen can even affect your sleep. We most certainly do not need anything else affecting a good night slumber!

Umizato created these stylish lenses that not only filter out the blue & UV light but also have an anti-glare coating. This is a powerhouse in protecting your vision and overall improvement on your visual sharpness. Umizato’s unique lenses even help protect your eyes from cataracts and other eye issues. Who wouldn’t want that type of protection!

Personally after one week of wearing these lenses I have noticed that my dark circles have gotten lighter. This was simply because I was no longer rubbing my eyes from the daily strain I put on them. My eyes didn’t feel heavy or overly tired at the end of the day as they usually do. Since I became more aware of how the blue-light affects my vision, I began setting personal limits on how much screen time I should be enduring AFTER I finish my work on the computer.

I love that Umizato created such beautiful and stylish frames that are perfect not only for working on digital devices but driving as well. I noticed the streaky glare from street lights were not as intense as I normally view them. This was such an added bonus that a second pair to keep in my car is a must have.

I did some personal research on other companies, and even though the purpose of these lenses are the same, Umizato glasses did not have that strange yellow lenses. Instead they have this hardly noticeable blue tint in the lenses thats only visible when you tilt your frames.

With so many frame styles to choose from, you can find one perfect for you without breaking the bank and protecting your baby blues.

A MUST HAVE for your lenses

Now that you have your amazing lenses from Umizato, you need something to keep them nice and clean. Carson created innovative products to help keep your eyeglasses clean without breaking the bank. These are the perfect accessory to keep in your workspace, makes a great affordable gift and convenient for travel.

The Carson Clip n’ Clean is an innovative product that I personally have yet to see on the market. It’s an amazing system that keeps your lens cleaner solution and a double sided cloth all in one convenient storage case. So there is no need to worry about where your cleaning solution or cloth is located.

The double sided cloth has a soft plush cleaning side and silky smooth polishing side to give your lenses or screens a beautiful clean finish. The solution is ammonia & alcohol free and does a wonderful job taking all the fingerprints off my phone and computer screen. One of my favorite features is that it all fits in a small case that has a clip on the top and can easily be hooked onto a keyring to travel with.

The Stuff-It cleaning system is another amazing eyeglass accessory and is so convenient. I love that you can easily hook this on your keychain or even your purse so you can always have it on you. The microfiber is perfect for your glasses, phone screens, and even camera lenses. They are completely safe and will not scratch, fog or damage these surfaces in any way. When your done cleaning your glasses or screens, the cloth stuffs easily into a small compact pouch.

You can purchase these amazing products on the Carson website or Amazon.com


This may sound silly, but while working on the computer for long periods of time, we tend to forget to blink. Blinking helps lubricate the eyes and keeps them from drying out. Dry eyes can put more strain and irritation which can cause eye issues in the long run.

It is always a good idea to keep some sort of eye lubricant on hand. Personally I always keep Visine Dry Eye Relief to use multiple times a day. Since I do suffer from dry eyes, I added Refresh Plus single use lubricating eye drops when my eyes are just having a really bad day. Refresh Plus is the closest formulation to the prescription Restasis.

Keep on blinking and your eyes properly moistened and your peepers will love you in return!

Take Breaks

Recently, I had my annual visit with my eye doctor. I had mentioned to him how excited I was to receive my blue light blocking lenses from Umizato. I felt like such a ‘proud kid’ when he told me it was one of best things anyone could invest in, especially when working with computers daily. But my eye doctor said you still need to give your eyes a break while working.

Probably some of the best advice Dr. Lefevere from MyEyeDr gave me was to follow the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes focus on an item at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This will give your eyes a quick rest and moment to re-adjust and re-focus.

A piece of advice that I have currently implemented into my work routine for almost a week , and I can definitely notice the difference.

Eye Exam

If anything, please keep up with your routine eye exams with your eye doctor. If you start to notice your vision declining, spots in your vision or the urge to always rub and itch your eyes no matter how many drops you put in; it’s time for a check up. Prescription glasses may be needed or even prescription eye medicine to help ease some of your symptoms.

Check your insurance, research your local eye doctors and make your appointment. Eye health is crucial and very important to your overall well being.

Love your eyes and keep them healthy. Because without your vision, you are truly missing out on the beauty of life.

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