Protect Your Family Before And After Fun In The Sun

Protect Your Family Before And After Fun In The Sun
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Every year, I am reminded to use sunscreen when the sun comes out and the weather heats up. When our weather started warming up just a few weeks ago, I bought a few bottles of sunscreen. I wanted sunscreen suitable for the face as well as body lotion that my family could use. I also planned on walking outside more! I wanted to be prepared. It’s been a few weeks and I use sunscreen every morning. I also apply sunscreen on my son!

When my brother and I were growing up, we only put sunscreen on before jumping in the pool! Yes, we had a pool in our backyard. I remember, there were days after school we had to wait until our parents got home from work. As soon as they said we could go swimming, we scrambled to put on our sunscreen and jump in the pool. Even on the weekends, I believe we spent hours in the pool. But we always applied our sunscreen. That was pretty much the only time we used sunscreen. Of course, we used sunscreen when we spent all day outside.

Now that I am an adult with my own family, sunscreen is a priority for me. If we are heading out for the day or even packing to go out of town, I pack the sunscreen.

Here are five ways to protect your skin before and after fun in the sun:

1. Use a lip balm with SPF protection

Yes, many lip balms are made with SPF protection. Do not forget about your lips. Are your lips feeling chapped and dry? Use a lip balm with SPF and keep applying throughout the day.

Coppertone Sunscreens Side By Side

2. Apply sunscreen

You can try Coppertone CLEARLYSheer Sunscreens or Coppertone Sport Sunscreens which include sprays, body lotion and face lotion. The spray comes in handy for little ones. My son does not like when I apply lotion on him. He gets antsy and wiggly. The spray is quick and easy to apply! I also apply the face lotion on his face. My husband and I both use Coppertone CLEARLYSheer or Coppertone Sport Sunscreens before we head out. My husband hates it but I remind him to apply sunscreen.

Both CLEARLYSheer Sunscreens and Coppertone Sport Sunscreens can fit your busy lifestyle. You can use the Coppertone Sport if you know you will be active outside!

Coppertone Sunscreen Sprays

Now that you’ve spent several hours or even all day out and about, it is time to soothe your skin from the sun!

3. Aloe Vera

Try Aloe Vera for any sunburns! Aloe Vera is natural and feels cool when you apply it. Even if you do not sunburn, apply the aloe vera.

I remember my mom would buy aloe vera in bulk at the warehouse store. You can also buy it in bulk on Amazon. Since we had a pool in the backyard and spent so many days and hours outside, she would have us use aloe vera.

4. Coppertone

Coppertone offers two after sun care products!

Protect your skin after playing in the sun with Coppertone CLEARLYSheer AfterSun Moisturizer or Coppertone Sport AfterSun Moisturizer. Both are body lotion and help soothe and cool your skin. Keep your skin moisturized and protected!

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be used in many ways besides cooking and baking. I use it for beauty! It can be used for after sun care on your skin and lips. Help soothe your skin and keep it from feeling dry and cracked. You can buy coconut oil in bulk on Amazon.

You can find Coppertone on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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