Perfect Gifts For Little Ones This Valentine’s Day

Perfect Gifts For Little Ones This Valentine’s Day
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Valentine’s Day is often seen as a holiday dedicated to romance and passion, but most importantly, it honors love. Growing up, my parents always included me on Valentine’s Day; picking me up a little something special to remind me how much they loved me. I have also continued that tradition within my own household. I usually like to pick out something heartfelt that we can participate in together.

Books make meaningful gifts for the little ones in your life. Reading a story to your child will create lifelong, positive childhood memories and open their minds to worlds of imagination and wonder.

The Kohl’s Cares Collection is currently offering beautifully written and illustrated stories from celebrated children’s author and Caldecott Honor Book winner, Leo Lionni. Books and their coordinating accessories begin at the affordable price of $5. You can also feel good knowing that 100% of the net profits assist children’s health and education initiatives throughout the nation.

It's Mine Book by Leo Lionni

Each of Leo Lionni’s books tells an important story with valuable messages for children. Themes of friendship, teamwork, sense of self, and sharing can be found in each story, accompanied by delightful illustrations. I had the opportunity to check out a froggy fable about the importance of sharing.

It’s Mine by Leo Lionni takes place on Rainbow Island where three very selfish frogs, Lydia, Milton, and Rupert, live together. Instead of sharing all the wonderful resources on the island, every day is spent bickering over what belongs to them. When a terrifying storm envelops the island, the frogs must put aside their selfishness and work together to find higher ground on a large rock. When the storm dissipates, the three frogs discover that they weren’t sitting on a rock at all! A large toad had allowed them to sit on his back, protecting them from the storm. They quickly realize that sharing yields far better results than being selfish. This story is terrific for displaying to little ones the importance of working together and sharing.

Another great gift idea is the 101 Kid’s Activities book by Rachel Miller and Holly Homer!

As a stay-at-home mom who works from home, my son and I both tend to get a bad case of cabin fever during the winter. We crave fun things to do when the dreary, cold weather keeps us stuck inside all day. This book has become a great asset because it’s filled with a variety of crafts, fun games, neat science projects and boredom busters that keep him occupied while I fold laundry or whip up dinner. There are plenty of original, creative indoor and outdoor activities for the entire year! A couple of our favorite activities are the baggie maze and homemade bathtub paint. Also, be sure to check out the homemade sidewalk chalk for warmer months!

Kohl’s Cares Collection of books and accessories is a great way to include your kids during this holiday of love. There is no greater gift than a product that will inspire their learning and creativity and give you special quality-time with your children.

Be sure to check out your local Kohl’s store and Kohl’s Website to browse all available products and find the best gift for your little one!

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