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Beauty Brite Disclosure
Ladies, can we chit-chat a bit? We really need to have ‘The Talk’ .
Intimacy. Knocking boots. The horizontal tango. SEX!
Blushing yet?

Overall, we tend to shy away when the topic of sex arises. Why? We were taught it was ‘taboo’ or overall just inappropriate, but in reality it’s important to our overall health and well being. How so? That’s what we are here to talk about.

It is completely understandable that there is not enough time to ‘get it in’. Between work, a career, obligations or raising a family, the thought of it sounds completely exhausting. I’m here to tell you it’s okay to feel that way. Life is exhausting, but you do need to take a moment for yourself to release all of life’s stressors.

First off, I would like to address all the mommas out there. Please hear me when I say you are BEAUTIFUL! After childbirth, you start to feel ‘some kind of way’. Your tiger stripes (aka stretch marks) and your baby pouch makes you feel that you lost your appeal. Let’s not forget the trauma our ‘goodies’ went through. Some of us are left permanently scarred after taking a peek down below after childbirth. (We all did it!!)

Here’s a reminder to remember, a woman’s body is amazing. It has the ability to change and do so much to accommodate the different stages in our life. And when it comes to our vaginas after childbirth, there is that cringe factor that it has been stretched out beyond recognition. The beautiful part after all that it is endured, our vagina can ‘snap back’ and be stronger than ever before.


Many of us have heard of how important kegels are. They are the vaginal exercise that help make your pelvic floor stronger . It is a really simple exercise where you clench and release the pelvic muscles. An easy way to recognize which muscles to use is the next time you need to urinate, try stopping the flow of urine.

These are the muscles you will be focusing on for these exercises. Simply clench your pelvic muscles for 5 seconds and release. Start out with a set of three 5 second holds five to ten times a day. Gradually increase the amount repetitions as the muscles get stronger. The great part about kegels, you can do them anywhere, and no one would ever know.

Why Are They Important?

Your pelvic floor supports your bladder, womb, and your bowels. After childbirth, your pelvic muscles endured so much stress that these organs drop. Probably one of the most embarrassing thing about all this is the incontinence that comes along with it. Seriously, one sneeze, cough or a good laugh and your left thinking your on your way to investing in adult diapers.

The Game Changer
Je Joue Kegal Set
Je Joue Ami 3 Step Kegel Set retails for $59.00 USD

Anyone who works out on a regular basis understands how important exercise is. They also understand adding the right tools can help with the results you are after. This is where kegel weights come in. Whether you want to tighten the muscles in your vagina, rid the incontinence, or after a more intense orgasm, these are a must have in your arsenal.

These may not be the weights or typical workout you were expecting, but they are beneficial and so much fun. To use kegel balls, simply wash them before every use with anti-bacterial soap and apply a liberal amount of lubricant. K-Y makes some of the most amazing lubricants. Personally, I prefer the water based.

The easiest way I found to insert them is laying down on my back. Slowly insert one as far as it comfortably can go leaving the ‘pull string’ comfortably tucked in your vagina. From there you can get up and carry on with your day, clenching and releasing in as many reps as you can for up to 6 hours. Once your done with your ‘workout’ simply tug on the loop to pull it out.

Je Joue Kegel Ball

This particular set by Je Joue is called the ‘Ami 3 Step Kegel Set’. Not only are they beneficial for your pelvic health, they contain smaller balls inside the weight that rumble . This will give you a little bit of arousal while ‘working out’. (This is way better than the gym!) The more you ‘work out’ the stronger and tighter your vagina gets. This set allows you to increase the weights as you progress. As the muscles get tighter, you upgrade to a smaller and heavier kegel ball.

So if you’re looking for some foreplay with your partner, vaginal health (yes even during pregnancy), or just want easier or more intense orgasims. Ami by Je Joue is ideal for the beginner and the experienced.

The Good Vibes
Celeste Silicone Rechargeable Vibrator by Good Vibrations retails $54.00 USD

Now time for the fun stuff. Vibrators.

Whether it is fun play with your partner or by yourself, vibrators can really spice things up. Overall, sex can really improve your well being and of course make you feel good. Vibrators are a perfect addition for self exploration to help figure out these endorphine bursting needs. Knowing this is so important, especially if you have a partner. Communicating your needs to what feels good and what’s uncomfortable helps create a safe bond with your partner. The outcome, great sex or self pleasure.

Celeste by Good Vibrations can help explore these needs. The best part, its WATERPROOF. So say hello to a nice, steamy hot shower. Not only is the design and shape of the Celeste great for clitoral stimulation, but also inserted for vaginal and pinpoint play as well. One battery charge can last over 10 uses, so imagine how much fun couple play is.

The Celeste has 7 different vibration patterns in 3 different intensities and is incredibly soft. So this is great for ALL types of play. In case you’re wondering if there are other health benefits to vibrators aside from ‘feeling good’. They do aid in improving the elasticity and muscle tone in your vagina.

Discretion is key
Mimi Soft Clitoral Vibrator by Je Joue retails $95.00 USD

If you are looking for something a little more discrete or a toy dedicated to strictly clitoral stimulation, a bullet or clitoral style vibrator may be perfect for you.

The Mimi Soft Clitoral Vibrator by Je Joue has this incredibly soft and smooth surface that’s perfect to stimulate any part of your body. If you add a lubricant, the Mimi Soft would be a perfect foreplay toy. Allowing your partner to use it as an all over body massager.

The Mimi Soft has 6 different pulse patterns in five different levels. To top it off, one battery charge can last up to 2 hours of play. Lets not forget, the Mimi Soft is also waterproof and very quiet. It is the perfect toy dedicated to the clitoris, whose only job is to give pleasure, and nothing else.

Toys like the Mimi Soft are perfect if you don’t want something too powerful. It is a very subtle yet strong enough for all types of sexual and intimate activities. They are great for gentle teasing and gives you enough power for a great massage and an explosive orgasim. As for the health benefits of these type of sex toys, HAPPINESS! Because sometimes a good state of mind is just what the doctor ordered.


KEEP YOUR INTIMATE TOYS CLEAN!!! You are entering very sensitive terrain when it comes to toy play. Keeping your toys clean rids any bacteria build up, which helps avoid irritation or even bacteria infections. You can purchase cleaner specifically for sex toys or use a mild antibacterial soap.



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