Mindful Motivation to Get Fit AND Change your Life!

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Mindful Motivation to Get Fit AND Change your Life!

Credit: http://www.moticise.com/

Ever lacked motivation when trying to exercise? Is just telling yourself that it’s good for you and will make you a happier person just not enough? Well, you’re right. It’s not enough. Those are just empty words tumbling around in your head giving you a banging headache as your body flails around trying to keep up with the latest fitness video craze or trendy exercise class instructor. What you really need is a new mindset.


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Mindful Motivation to Get Fit AND Change your Life!

Sonia Satra – founder & CEO, Moticise
Credit: http://www.moticise.com/

Meet Sonia Satra, founder & CEO of Moticise. Ms. Satra seeks to motivate (Moti-) your mind, heart and soul while you exercise (-cise). Moticise isn’t simply a workout video that you labor to get through so you can reward yourself with a Mocha Latte afterward. It is a journey. And didn’t someone famous once say something like, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey” or something like that?

Moticise isn’t so much about the destination, but it’s very focused on the journey of injecting wellness into one’s life.

Consider this quote from Ms. Satra, “Your core beliefs determine the dreams that you achieve.” How many of us find ourselves giving up on things before fully giving them a chance to come to fruition. There are many reasons we are all quitters in one fashion or other – not enough time in our lives, too many demands already being made of us by our jobs/family/friends, long days leaving us too tired to do anything for ourselves, guilt over seeking happiness for ourselves for fear others will think us selfish. I mean, if ever there was an “insert activity here” moment, this is it. What keeps you from doing things that make you happy? Do you even know what makes you happy anymore? Seriously, consider that last question seriously for a moment. Brainstorm it. Write a diagram or list so you can actually see with your own two eyes what in your life makes you happy. My diagram consists of things like reading, a hot cup of mocha cappucino, crochet/knitting, finding (or creating) a new recipe and actually making it, spending time with my kids-just talking or goofing around, blogging, watching funny videos (come on, that’s your dirty little secret pleasure, too, admit it).

Are you participating in these things enough? Do you focus on filling your own happiness meter, or that of others? That’s a tricky balance, isn’t it? Guess what, we are too hard on ourselves. It’s true. Making yourself happy isn’t selfish, though we all struggle with this reality.

Mindful Motivation to Get Fit AND Change your Life!

Moticise Mindset Reset Workbook
Credit: http://www.moticise.com/

The Moticise video is 45-minutes long. Normally this would make me avoid it like the plague. Who has 45 minutes for anything anymore?

But, as I perused the Mindset Reset workbook that accompanies the video I was hit with a sort of epiphany. This isn’t about finding 45 minutes, all strung together. It’s about finding moments in life, motivations in feeling. It’s about facing (and naming) things in your life that are holding you back, identifying the negative narrative that we sometimes find ourselves shrouded in and determining a way to change how we think and feel about ourselves on a basic level to effect positive changes in our self-image, thoughts, feelings. Completing this booklet helped me to identify the negatives about myself and find permission within to change those negatives into positives while not changing who I am. I am not changed. I’m still me, just better.

I’ve learned that selfishness isn’t always negative, but self-doubt is; that making myself happy doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive with doing things to add to the happiness of others; and that always putting others above myself is just toxic and creates feelings of anxiety and resentment of others for not recognizing that I have needs, too. The Mindset Reset workbook really helped me to re-tool my thinking and inner dialog to focus on what I want out of life.

Moticise isn’t a short sprint race that is won quickly and fades in the rear-view. It’s not a steep climb up a rock face laced with fear of failure. Rather it is a long hike up a slowly ascending slope with regular doses of success.

The workbook starts out by focusing on a mind/body calibration — a snapshot of how you are thinking and feeling right now, before you start the program. There are short sections that you complete each day for 14 days.

Mindful Motivation to Get Fit AND Change your Life!

Mindset Reset Workbook — Mind/body Calibration PART 1 (preview)
Mindset Reset Workbook-Day 5 What Do You Have?

Mindset Reset Workbook-Day 5 What Do You Have? (preview)





The goal of the workbook is to allow you to focus a little bit each day on yourself. According to the introduction the purpose of the workbook is for you to “dream, brainstorm, create, plan, strategize — and achieve.” Users are encouraged to share their experiences with other users at moticise.com/moti-boards.

You don’t have to change your whole life at once, either. The workbook is a printable download so you can print it as many times as you like and focus on different specific areas of change you want to effect in your life, whenever you are ready to tackle a new goal.

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What I love most about this workout is that, though I am overweight for my height, I was still able to get through the entire workout…all 45 minutes of it. I have tried countless workout DVDs and sometimes couldn’t even finish a 20 minute routine. Either I ran out of energy or couldn’t keep up with the instructor, becoming lost in the steps. Ultimately I always gave up on it altogether. I can see myself continuing to utilize the Moticise workout a few times a week and using the workbook to improve several areas of my life. A bonus, I am down one pant size after only two weeks. Slow, but sure progress.

A secondary (though no less important) reason I love Moticise — it’s a GREAT value. For less than $15 you get the workout, Sonia’s motivational encouragement, the workbook and access to a community forum where you can share experiences and ideas with other users. Other workout DVDs cost twice as much (or more) and just don’t work as well, in my opinion.

Already, I have set aside “Happy Me” time after dinner to crochet and knit on a nightly basis. I finally found the motivation to start a large afghan project for my daughter that I’d been wanting to do. When I was doing for others always, I never felt as though I could commit to a large project like this and have any hope of actually completing it. Over the last two weeks, I have made some very good headway on the afghan. I would estimate that I’ve completed about 15-20% of the project at this time. For a large project such as this, I am thrilled with the progress I’ve made. And I’ve also noticed that by allowing myself time to do things that I enjoy, I have experienced a decrease in my anxiety level and find myself resenting others around me less for needing me to do things for them.

Happier. That’s what I am. And that is the whole point of life.

Disclaimer: I received a free digital copy of this exercise workout and accompanying workbook for purposes of review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

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