Make Outdoor Memories With These 5 Kid Friendly Activities

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Sometimes it can feel nearly impossible to drag your kids outside to enjoy a beautiful day. Outdoor play can not only keep your child happy and healthy, but it can also spark their imagination and curiosity. Here are 5 kid friendly activities you can do with your children to create long lasting memories.

No Beach? No Problem.

As the days get longer and hotter, the one thing our kids want to do is cool off and have some fun. Since not all of us live near a beach or own a pool, you can have some amazing water fun right in your own backyard. You can invest in a small kiddie pool to soak up the sun or a slip-n-slide for some fast action fun. Even using your basic garden hose to cool each other off, or attach a sprinkler for a hands free approach.

One of our favorite things to do is have ‘Water Wars‘ with an array of water guns, water balloons and even buckets or cups of water. The kids get their exercise while blowing off some steam and being entertained. Don’t forget your beach towels, beach umbrellas and of course sun protection .

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Start a Garden Together

Starting a garden can be an inexpensive to practically free activity to do outside with your kids. You can purchase seeds from your local store or save seeds from your fresh produce; such as tomatoes, peppers, strawberries or even watermelon. Once you’ve collected your seeds, you can lay them out on a napkin to let dry for a couple days.

When you are ready to sew your seeds, you can purchase seed starter soil from your local garden supply store, or use dirt from your own garden and amend with compost for a nutrient rich soil your seeds can thrive in. Fill various up-cycled containers with your soil or use egg cartons to start your seedlings. Make sure to poke some holes at the bottom of your up-cycled containers to allow the excess water to drain.

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Sidewalk Chalk Art

Sidewalk chalk can keep your kids busy for hours! It is such an inexpensive activity with loads of options that can be fun not only for kids but adults as well. You can create beautiful works of art with inspirational quotes for all to admire. Some of our favorites are creating mandalas, tracing each other in fun positions, or even create a design with painters tape that you can color over.

If sidewalk chalk art isn’t your kids favorite activity, the possibilities for sidewalk chalk games are endless. From the classic hopscotch, bean bag toss, tic-tac-toe, dots-and-boxes and our favorite game of all time, Pictionary. You can even incorporate educational learning with sidewalk chalk through kinesthetic activities. This a great opportunity to teach sight-words, alphabet grids and even math problems. Finally, if your child suffers from any type of vestibular disorders; create a simple obstacle course to help improve balance and movement. This can incorporate play and physical therapy all in one.

Build A Fort

Blanket forts are probably one of our favorite outdoor activities. By collecting some essentials from around your home, you can create an amazing hideout right in your own backyard. Old sheets and blankets make a great cover for your fort. Chairs, large branches and even scrap wood from left over projects can help create a sturdy frame. Blanket forts can provide hours of fun and spark your child’s imagination and ingenuity.

Backyard Camping

Ready to take all that outdoor fun to an overnight activity? Try backyard camping! You can build a fort, pitch a tent or simply sleep under the stars. Create a cozy campsite by layering lots of pillows and blankets or even use an inflatable bed. Building a simple fire-pit surrounded with stones, and using branches and dried leaves as your kindle to cook a delicious campfire dinner will leave a lasting impression on your kids.

Of course who can forget making s’mores! Everyone loves gooey melted chocolate and marshmallows in between crunchy graham crackers. You don’t need to use just plain chocolate bars for your s’mores. You can incorporate any of your favorite chocolate in your s’more for a delicious dessert. End the night star gazing and listening to the sounds of nature, which can put your long day with your kids finally at rest.

Which outdoor activities will you choose to do with your kids today?

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