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This past week has been nothing but sickness in our household. I never realized just how sick little ones can get once their immune system has been compromised. It has been tons of fluids and home made dinners with plenty of left overs since my son is not up to eating much! You need to really be on your organization and storage game when this happens. The last thing you want to do is clean up food and kitchen messes along with your taking care of your loved one.

For any household, there is a solution to staying organized and keep your food, clothing and other knick knacks secure in one place.

Stor-All Solutions, makes some of the world’s greatest containers – waterproof, leakproof and airtight, their containers range in prices from $2-$50. These are so essential to getting your house organized and clean.

We personally own the Press n Click lunch box, 2 Piece Press N Click Food Container Set and Square Press N Click Food Container!

The Slider Storage Gallon Bags are freshness bags that come in handy for any family!  I love the Slider Storage Gallon Bags especially when we travel or when my little one is sick and just wants to carry it around. I would much rather have it in a bag then him leaving a trail around the house of cereal bites!

The 10-Piece Designer Round Storage Set are not your ordinary regular containers — they are used for display in homes and companies that believe in easy-to-use but foolproof housewares. They are BPA free and my favorite safe to use in the microwave!!  They also extend the freshness and life of everything that they store — from apples and cut avocado to skin care and other products. Also try them out with strawberries after you rinse them they keep them fresh and from turning quickly.

What do you do with a sick kid who has NO appetite? You give him the Grip N’ Go Water Bottle w/ Ice Tube, a “fun” water bottle complete with a inside ice cube.  I know that may sound silly but kids, like my son, can be cranky when they do not feel well. We as parents will do anything to try and get them to drink at least fluids.

I convinced him it was a special bottle because it had an inside ice cube. Funny thing about little one’s they believe you and he started to drink his water.  I love these containers, lunch bins and bowls in makes clean up easy and everything is secure. I never have to worry about them spilling or leaking!

Ready to switch over and try some Storage Solutions for Spring Cleaning?

You can find Storage Solutions on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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